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Business owners continue to look for opportunities to advertise their brand, products and services. One of the most missed opportunities to achieve this goal utilizes the floor space in your office, store or venue. We have the products to help you achieve new heights in getting your brand noticed. Whether you utilize floor decals, branded floor mats or even outdoor sidewalk graphics, we have the products to make you stand out.

Floor graphics offer a wide variety of applications ranging from advertising products to wayfinding to branding applications. With new materials developed for this application, we can create decals that work on surfaces such as wood, tile, carpet and even concrete. Yes, concrete!

You can see just a few applications listed below:

Floor graphic applications


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This surface may not seem compatible with graphics, but we have several products that work well on carpet. These products can be removed without leaving an adhesive residue. This application works well for short-term promotions or events. Great for guiding customers to specific locations or activities during an event.

Tile, wood and laminate

Vinyl graphics very commonly get utilized for short and long-term uses on traditional hard floor surfaces. Materials for this application have a non-slip surface that meets UL 410 Slip Resistance ratings so you are assured of safety for your customers. Get creative and add a custom shape for your decals such as a footprint for wayfinding or an outline of your logo for branding.

Asphalt and concrete


New materials and adhesives have allowed us to provide decals that conform to surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.  The material conforms so well it almost appears as a painted image. Materials range from vinyl for the short term and an aluminized product for long-term applications. The aluminized product has either a smooth surface texture or rough surface texture for grip in dry and wet conditions. This material also has a glow-in-the-dark photoluminescence option for those special applications.

Floor mats

Floor mats are a great way to help keep your space clean from outdoor debris and moisture. However, they can do more than just keep your space clean, they can serve as a branding element to welcome customers into your space. Floor mats with a branded message or logo work well to reinforce your brand and add continuity to your space in regards to your branding messaging.

If you want to improve your image and customer experience, your underutilized floor can work for you.

Just give the experts at Paramount Signs a call and we will help you select the right option for you.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount

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