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Your business signs play a critical role in your local advertising that can impact your brand and sales. Awareness of the appearance and messaging of your signs ensures you are getting the most out of that marketing asset.  It’s important for you to know when it’s necessary to upgrade, repair or replace your business signs.

Research shows that about 50 percent of consumers have given up trying to locate a business because of unclear signage. Think about how many people may have passed your location because your signage is in disrepair or does not match your brand.

Furthermore, business signage is your silent influencer. With a great sign, you will increase interest, attract new customers and increase your brand image and recognition. People are intrigued and more willing to connect with your business in some way if you have well-done signage.

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Bloom Southern Kitchen is a new restaurant in Eagle, PA. We installed Custom Dimensional Letters on Standoffs.

How do you know when you should update your sign?

Exterior renovation:

When the exterior of your facility undergoes a renovation, this would be the perfect opportunity to update your signage.  Many times the renovation results in a completely new architectural style. In response, signs created to match the appearance of the building will make your brand appear as a natural element of the building.

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Updating outdated signage allows for a clean new image.

Dated signage:

There have been signage trends that have come and gone. Unless that dated look is part of your brand image, you are probably doing your business a disservice by keeping outdated business signs around.

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Transforming your interior space to match with your brand goes beyond traditional signage!

Interior renovation:

Similar to exterior redesign, if you go through the effort and expense to renovate your interior, typically your old signage won’t fit in with the new space. Take advantage of this opportunity to update and freshen your interior signage. Using the latest technology, techniques and materials, we can create innovative and eye-catching signage

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By displaying your logo around your space you allow customers to recognize and remember your brand.

Increase brand recognition:

The best way to target local customers is to let them know you exist. Digital marketing and advertising help generate awareness, but your signs are going to attract local customers more quickly with a more effective impact. If you have old signage, you won’t have the desired impact to potential customers.  Additionally, old or poorly maintained signage may even detract potential business.

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By displaying your updated logo and brand-inspired graphics around your space you have the power to drive your customers’ opinions of your business. 


The success of rebranding your business lies heavily with your ability to get the message out. Well executed signage creates awareness for local customers better than any other venue. Local traffic will notice changes in signage which generates curiosity and interest.  Restaurants have been very successful with this tactic by changing their name and creating a buzz around the area about a new eatery.

Not sure what to do or where to start? Contact the experts at Paramount Signs for ideas or a free quote.

Remember “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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