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Starting a new business requires a lot of components defined early on. The upfront work defining these components drives your success in this ever-competitive environment. Defining your business profile, who you are, what makes you different from your competitors and so on. These items and more define your brand. Creating a brand that connects with your target customer base will go a long way towards your success. Additionally, using that brand to identify your physical location, and reinforcing the brand on your interior spaces leaves a lasting image in your customers’ minds that your are a stable, professional organization.

Client Spotlight: Fairmont Machinery, Inc.

We recently helped a customer moving into their new space as part of their expansion from a startup to a supplier of premier fabricating equipment. Fairmont Machinery Inc., contacted us to help with branding their new space. They wanted to provide easy identification for customers traveling to their facility as well as interior branding to reinforce their image.

The Process: The Budget

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First and foremost we needed to learn their budget and adhere to it. They had a considerable amount of investment activities at this particular time, so the budget was firm. As a business moving into a new space we knew an exterior sign on the building would require a chunk of the budget. Since they operate during traditional business hours a sign with lighting did not make the cut. Luckily the preferred location for the sign already had lighting.

The Process: Selecting sign elements

The best option at this point was a very basic panel sign with a digitally printed logo. We decided on 6mm ACM for its stability, durability and strength to span over the corrugated steel siding. We produced a durable digitally printed and laminated vinyl graphic and applied it to the panel taking care to utilize a matte laminate to prevent glare from passing cars in the evening.

fairmount machinery inner door

With a sign marking their building from the road, adding a sign at the front door adds ease for those visiting. We placed a custom contour cut white vinyl graphic logo to the main entrance door to their space. Navigation/wayfinding helps your customers find their way as well as reinforce your brand.

fairmount machinery entrance door 1

Upon entering the main door to the space there were several doors to choose from. With this in mind, they opted to include an additional cut white graphic onto the interior glass door. To take it one step further a large black vinyl graphic now plasters the main wall within their space. Large wall logos/graphics really make a statement of pride and professionalism leaving a memorable impact on your customer.

First Steps: How we can help!

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At Paramount Signs, we pride ourselves in working with customers like Fairmont Machinery to create a branding package that helps them build their business by creating signage that leaves a memorable impact for their customers.

We want to make finding the perfect sign solutions easy and the process streamlined. We are here to help regardless of what stage in the process you are in! Check out our other blogs for more information on the various components of the branding/rebranding cycle.

Interested in learning more about branding your business with custom signage? Moving into a new space or rebranding? Contact the professionals at Paramount Signs to create a space that helps you build your business.

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