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When you plan signage for your space several surfaces likely come to mind: storefront, windows and walls. Whether dimensional or vinyl branding comes to mind, these surfaces provide the ideal backdrop. Or do they?

The Forgotten Surface

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While walking in an office, retail space or even the local home improvement store, you will notice that you constantly look down at the floor. Typically to ensure a clear path, but imagine utilizing that space for advertising or navigation instructions and warnings.

Utilizing this often-forgotten surface can reap tremendous benefits. With so many people now staring down at their phones, floors and sidewalks make a prominent focal point. While wall and window graphics have proven very effective, what about those easily distracted and looking down at their phones? Floor graphics effectively grab their attention.

The Uses of Floor Graphics

Floor graphics work well as a form of wayfinding and safety guidance. You may have noticed black and yellow striped areas in the home improvement stores to provide warnings of a hazardous area or vinyl footprints guiding customers to specific areas or destinations.

One of the great things about floor graphics is the diversity of materials. With products suitable for various durations, a multitude of surfaces and both indoor and outdoor applications, why wouldn’t you take advantage of them?  Easy to apply vinyl provides flexibility with easy installation and removal. Additionally, protective laminates work to prevent wear and tear on the digital print and provide slip resistance meeting UL 410 slip resistance requirements.

The Varieties of Materials Available

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An aluminum product available today works very well in outdoor applications, including sidewalks and walkways. Depending on foot traffic this material has a durability of up to 24 months! Additionally, this option does not leave an adhesive residue upon removal. Durable, colorful and functional with a non-slip surface, this material surpasses all in regards to durability.

In addition to the products ideal for exterior graphics many products excel on interior surfaces. Regardless of if you want permanent or temporary signage, various materials can suit your need!

Some of this material lend themselves fairly well for self-installation. Many of the vinyls offer air egress to eliminate bubbles, making installation much easier. We will design, print, cut to shape and send your custom decals. If you don’t feel comfortable installing them we also offer installation services.

Whether you need a printed graphic on a floor inside a retail space or a sidewalk outside in the elements, Paramount Signs is your first choice for quality and service. For both short-term promotions and long-term branding solutions, our innovative and dependable vinyl and non-vinyl wraps make application and removal easy and efficient.

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