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Custom wall signs serve numerous functions for your business. Most importantly they reinforce your brand. They provide the image of your company and help visitors find your business. Conversely, a lack of signage or poor signage likely turns business away. As a sign company that excels in transforming businesses spaces into branded suites, we want to show you some options!

Below we cover a few signage options that make your business stand out from the others.

1. Lobby Signs:

Besides the obvious necessity for letting your customers know they have arrived, lobby signs get your brand on the brain. This style of interior sign creates the most impact for the initial customer experience. In addition to being the first place your customers see when they enter your space, your lobby has the ability to transform the entire customer experience. Given your lobby You can choose from many options that will make a long-lasting impression. Within the category of lobby signs, many materials and applications allow for many different style of signs. 

wilks law wall sign cmp hanging
Metallic Letters mounted to a clear acrylic panel in a local law office.
Metal Lobby Signage

First of all, we look at the metal option. The metallic appearance in signage creates a sleek, professional and modern impression of your business. This style of sign ranges in the material. Some of these options include Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Bronze and Copper, either polished, brushed or painted finishes. Typically metal lobby signage consists of letters and logos mounted to the wall in the form of dimensional letters. Comparatively, sometimes these signs get mounted on various backer panels to create an enclosed sign. 

strategic factory sign panel cmp
Acrylic panel sign with vinyl graphics.
Acrylic Lobby Signage

Second, we examine the acrylic option. Similar to metal lobby signage, acrylic signs typically consist in a dimensional letter style. These letters can get mounted directly to the wall or mounted on various backer panels. Available in clear, solid colors or painted, durable acrylic materials provide a very smooth finish. Acrylic panels can also get fabricated and branded with vinyl graphics creating a colorful print/design on a custom shaped or square panel. 

roman blog
Halo lit dimensional letters for local store.
Backlit Lobby Signage

The third option adds lighting. By adding LED- backlighting to lobby signage really creates that wow factor. Combined with the metal or acrylic materials, this option creates the image of a stable, successful and professional organization. Additionally, including lighting elements allows for unique halo-lit, front-lit and combination lit signs allowing for many bold options. 

general air full wall 3
Logo and full coverage vinyl wall graphics creating an immersive space.
Vinyl Lobby Signage

The fourth option serves as a budget-friendly option. Full-color graphics, executed properly, really make an interior pop. Transform your walls into a branded oasis. From faux finishes to full wall murals to simple wall graphics, vinyl graphics give you options! Additionally, options like Frosted Vinyl provides the ability for messaging and privacy in spaces that have glass offices and conference rooms.

mainline dermatology 3
Foam dimensional letters with metallic face.
Foam Lobby Signage

The fifth and final style of lobby sign also serves as a dimensional style. Similarly to the metal and acrylic options discussed above, foam lobby signage typically consists of dimensional letters. This foam material can get faced with metal or acrylic creates 3-dimensional effect. This style is much lighter than the other options giving it a wide range of opportunity. 

the glen office suites directory
Directory sign for local office suites.
2. Directory Signs:

Once your customer has found your office, directory signs will guide them to the right area in your office. Available in many styles to fit your budget and appearance goals. These signs range in style and design but ultimately put the customer and visitors needs first. Having a well thought out directional sign allows for those visiting your space to do so as painlessly as possible. 

the townes at mill run way fingind
Wayfinding sign for local apartment community.
3. Way finding Signs:

Together with a directional sign, way-finding signs work primarily for larger office spaces. These signs will guide your customer to the specific location they are looking for. They eliminate the guessing, lost time wandering around and the anxiety caused when the feeling of being lost starts to creep in. Every space within your property from parking to hallways to elevators can benefit from a cohesive wayfinding sign package. 

eichman law office plaque
Simple plaque serving as an office Identification sign.
4. Office identification Signs:

Equally as important as the other office signs, this sign will complement the directory sign. Typically similar in design to the Directory Sign, these will let your customer find their final destination. Think of these as markers for locations, for example, “Suite B”.

sign type a 107 shop
ADA sign for wash bay.
5. ADA Signs:

Not only do ADA signs serve a necessary function in any office space, but they serve a legal purpose as well. In working to ensure those with any type of disability can navigate your space, you create a warmer and more welcoming business. These signs allow for ease of navigation for anyone who comes through the door. For more on the regulations for your space, you can check out the regulations here

If you want to revitalize your office space and create a customer experience like no other, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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