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Monument signs create a landmark for businesses, retail centers and living communities. They effectively identify a location, represent the type of establishment through design style and show permanency of the establishment. All key components of drawing interest and traffic to that location.

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Original brick and mortar monument sign.

We recently completed a project for an apartment community due to unusual circumstances. A few years ago, we completed an upgrade to their fairly old brick-and-mortar monument with illuminated sign cabinets. This monument, in fairly good shape, had front-lit wood sign panels.

This customer called to let us know that the monument was struck by a vehicle and completely demolished. We quickly went to the site to evaluate the damage. The brick and mortar structure, damaged beyond repair, required full removal and the community had a fresh slate to start again. Due to the minimal damage to the illuminated sign cabinets, we focused on retaining them for the new style. We went to work to see how we could reconstruct a new monument sign utilizing the existing cabinets.

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State of monument sign after an accident.

After researching the option of creating a new brick and mortar monument, we discovered that finding a local mason created an issue. Between availability, understaffing and long lead times we knew we needed another option. We quickly realized faux stone and brick monuments could solve our customer’s problems.

Advantages of manufactured structures:

Monument Cost: The foam monument signs cost significantly less than the brick and mortar variety.  

Durability: Peachtree City Foamcraft constructs the sign with a Foamcore structure finished with their Poly Armor hard coat finish setting the standard for the industry. 

Reduced installation costs: Because these units do not require foundations, the installation entails excavating post holes, installing steel posts in the sign and installing the signpost into the ground. Then you fill the holes with concrete and you’re done. The simplified installation allows for less man-hours which reduces the overall cost. 

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Finalized design for new monument sign using old cabinets.

The Process of Finalizing the Monument: 

Working with the customer we started to establish a design that would allow us to repurpose the existing sign cabinets. Due to the location of the community entrance, the owners knew they wanted something at a 90-degree angle for maximum visibility. Once we narrowed down the design style that they liked, our team of designers got to work finalizing details. We then contacted our go-to for faux stone monuments. Peachtree City Foamcraft produces a quality product while also remaining local. Additionally, they repeatedly deliver quality products. We sent over detailed concept drawings, made some final adaptations and nailed down a final design that suited the style, the customer and the space. 

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New monument sign installed!

During the production of the monument sign, we retrieved the sign cabinet from the site and returned to the shop to repair it. Installing some minor straightening, replacement retainers and exterior switches brought the cabinets back to new condition. We then printed and installed new graphics to panels for updated branding. Additionally, we traced the cabinet outlines and digitize the shape for Peachtree. This allowed them to create a perfect fit recess for the sign cabinets to give the appearance of the cabinet built into the monument. The digitization process along with the fact that we completed the initial sign design allowed us to create a perfect fit!

We had the monuments delivered to our shop where we fitted it with the sign cabinets. Once fitted we installed the signs on-site in (1) day and we completed the project. The customer couldn’t be happier and we are so glad we could help them solve their signage problem.

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