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Box truck wraps create a tremendous space for advertising your business. Box trucks allow for large graphics and clearer messaging not to mention the constant exposure while in transit. Many companies showcase products, some showcase actual projects and others create fun and memorable graphics.

Full wraps or contour cut graphics and lettering produced with self-adhesive vinyl provide the standard product used for wraps. Whether solid color plot vinyl or digitally printed vinyl, both styles apply for this application. In addition to the budget parameters, the application and durability needs determine the style of material and adhesive required.

Background on our Customer

We recently completed a project for our customer that purchased a used box with an old wrap on it. Prior to quoting a new vehicle wrap removal and install job for a customer we like to get measurements and see a photograph of the surface. The existing wrap, after years of exposure to the elements, had exceeded it’s expected life. To complicate things, the graphics had a permanent adhesive which makes for a very difficult removal.

side pic k 1
Image of truck with cracked graphics.

We reviewed the existing graphics and tested some areas to get a feel for the removal process and effort. The vinyl came off in small pieces because of the UV exposure over the years. Therefore, the excessive time required to remove the vinyl and residual adhesive made the cost associated with the removal unreasonable.  In other words, a traditional wrap was out of the question. 

In order to create an affordable option for our customer, we offered the relatively new option of a stretch frame from Tensioning Solutions. This option allows us to leave the old graphics on the vehicle eliminating the costly removal process. Essentially, we proposed installing a stretch frame on the side of the box truck with a large digitally printed graphic banner mounted within it. 

Example of the application of the banner placing pieces every few feet. Photo Credit: Tensioning Solutions

Benefits of the stretch frame:

Low cost: Compared to the cost of removing the old graphics and creating/installing new ones, this serves as a budget-friendly option. 

Short-term campaigns: This option provides a relatively inexpensive change-out option for seasonal promotions or general updates.

Professional appearance: The final appearance generally mirrors a vinyl wrap, but unlike a vinyl wrap, it has no ridges in the final appearance. 


Showcasing how to insert the trim into the frame. Photo Credit: Tensioning Solutions

The Installation and Fabrication of a Vehicle Stretch Frame:

The frame, made from aluminum extrusion, has channels that the banner sits within and gets held in place with a retainer/cap. We custom cut and fit the extruded frame rails to the perimeter of the box sides. Using the recommended self-drilling screws speeds up the channel installation. (see tensioning solutions video)

fedor banner truck driver scaled e1635952867546
The final appearance of truck with stretch banner.

After installing the frame, we fit the banner to the frame. In general fairly simple process. Using small retainer pieces every 4′ to provisionally position the banner. Following final positioning, full-length tensioning retainers get installed. In order to properly fasten the banner, one must apply screws through the retainer. Trimming the banner and applying caulking along the leading and top edges of the extrusion finishes the process.

Overall The end result was perfect for this application. The customer did not have to pay the cost for vinyl removal and has a graphic that looks as good as a wrap. As shown above in the side-by-side comparison, the previous vehicle we wrapped with traditional vinyl and the new banner “wrapped” truck look nearly identical providing cohesive branding and a valuable option for businesses purchasing second-hand vehicles especially!

At Paramount Signs, we pride ourselves in consulting with our customers to find the best solution for their needs.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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