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Promoting your business, outdoor signs provide an effective way to get you noticed.  Traveling on foot or in a vehicle, seeing that sign provides relief for travelers looking for your place of business. Additionally, your sign serves as a great beacon that displays your image to all who pass by.

The options available for exterior signs provide the ability to create a style and design that will fit any business’s needs.  Working with the right sign company like Paramount Signs to ensure you have the optimal sign that will get you noticed.  Furthermore, properly placed way-finding signs ensure your customer/client finds your location with ease.

We have listed below some illuminated sign styles and their descriptions to help you define your signage needs when you start shopping for your sign.

pole signPylon Signs:

Used for visibility from a distance. These larger type signs, typically identify shopping centers and strip malls.  They list all the tenants in that center and sometimes include an electronic message center. The electronic message centers allow the shopping center to advertise, events, specials, and advertise new tenants with ease. Additionally, the message centers can serve as emergency notices regarding weather and traffic.

Pole Signs:

Also used for visibility from a distance.  Although smaller than pylon signs, pole signs will usually contain one tenant. Many times they include a changeable copy panel or even an electronic message center. The electronic message center provides real-time messages for communicating special events or product offerings. Pole signs, like the pylon signs incorporate internal illumination.

monument signMonument Signs: 

Monument signs offer a lower profile sign if constructed at grade level. Typically, monument signs work well for business entrances, community entrances and retail locations. Made from aluminum, brick, stone or even faux masonry or stucco, monument signs work well for identifying business locations for local traffic.  Monument sign illumination will vary from internally illuminated or externally spotlit.

channel letters 1Channel Letter Signs: 

Channel letter signs offer a wide arrange of options.  From internally illuminated letters mounted on a raceway to backlit or halo illumination with letters mount directly to the wall on standoffs.  Custom shapes in addition to letters allows us to create unique and personalized signage for your business.

sign cabinet 1Sign cabinets:

Internally illuminated sign cabinets offer the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to illuminated signage.  A basic square or rectangular sign cabinet with a translucent sign face internally illuminated. As a result of this construction, sign cabinets provide the most usable square footage to work with. Additionally, this type of sign provides one of the most budget-friendly, exterior illuminated sign types available.

Looking for an illuminated sign for your business?  Give the pros at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

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Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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