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Wall Murals, whether custom cut lettering, custom-cut shapes or full wraps, wall décor provides a very effective medium for conveying a message, promoting your brand or creating a specific environmental experience. There are many different styles and colors to choose from when it comes to wall graphics and murals.

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Popular Wall Graphic Types:
Vinyl lettering:

Vinyl lettering and custom cut vinyl graphics effectively display a company name, inspirational quote or mission statement. Custom wall decals work well for showcasing a logo or other custom graphics on a portion of a wall.

general air logo graphic 1Vinyl Wall contour cut graphics:

 These custom cut shapes, either colored vinyl or digitally printed graphics effectively showcase products, action images, logos and more.

gen air wall graphVinyl wall wraps and wall murals:

These cover an entire wall or partial walls. Typically these custom, digitally printed graphics on vinyl along with a laminate to protect the print and provide an attractive finish such as gloss, luster or matte last for many years.

Custom Wallpaper:

Similar to the vinyl-only printed on a paper-based product. Digitally printed custom wallpaper provides another option that effectively brandishes a scenic mural..

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You will find a lot of do-it-yourself wall wrap offers on the internet. They promote easy to design and install yourself. However, unless you are an experienced designer and understand the critical components of design, your project could turn into a disaster.

That is where Paramount Signs comes in. Our design team has the experience and knowledge to create the perfect wall graphic that exceeds your expectations. We know the different materials available and how to best incorporate the right materials into your project.

Using the wrong material in these instances reduces the adhesion of the vinyl to the point of failure within a matter of days. With the low VOC paints used today, the long outgassing process of the paint creates adhesion problems.

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Our product specialists will specify the right material with the proper adhesive that will ensure a long-lasting installation. Typically we will perform an adhesion test on the specific wall receiving the graphic to ensure good adhesion.

Whether it is a specific texture or finish, fire-rated compliance products and proper adhesive specifications, we will make sure you get the right design, product and quality installation required to achieve your goal.

Don’t forget, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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