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We have discussed the effectiveness of vehicle graphics in several blogs. The fact that vehicle graphics and mobile advertising continually rank as one of the most effective and efficient forms of advertising easily justifies their widespread popularity. In addition, the advantages in cost per impression are undisputed! Not to mention vehicle advertising generates 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions. For more proof check out this study by 3M on the effectiveness of vehicle wraps!

If you have a fleet and want to maximize the utilization of those assets we can help!

To provide a baseline of your basic vinyl graphic options, we will discuss several ways to turn your fleet into an advertising machine.

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This vehicle package includes single-color lettering in brand fonts to mark this vehicle. Altogether, this design is simple yet effective.

To start, let’s identify the four options:


The first and most basic form of vehicle graphics consists of simple lettering on your vehicle. Vehicle lettering includes graphics including your name and your website/contact info. Due to the simplicity of this option, it should come as no surprise that this option also comes with the smallest price tag.

Not quite as eye-catching as some of the other options, but if you’re parked at a job site in a public area, your name is exposed to the traffic passing by.

marx van 2 1
This vehicle graphic package includes the company logo in full color with simple contact information.
Lettering and branding:

The second option for vehicle graphics consists of lettering coupled with your logo. Options for lettering and branding range from single color contour cut vinyl graphics to a full-color digital printed graphic. The full print option provides more of a pop and can help get you noticed. Additionally, a well-placed and well-thought-out logo that represents your company drives brand awareness.

rainbow washhouse driver 2
Partial wraps range greatly in coverage and style. This example showcases a wrap where we wrapped the sides and back while leaving the front of the white van uncovered. Given that this company did not have a specific logo the package includes information as well as a visually interesting design to capture attention!
Partial wrap:

The third style of vehicle wrap, a partial wrap, covers at least 1/2 of the vehicle with digitally printed graphics. Rather than only displaying core information, a partial wrap allows for additional eye-catching design elements. This additional space also allows for the addition of products, services and further information about your business. A well-designed partial wrap will grab the attention of those on the road! Our designers will incorporate the vehicle color with the graphic to create a seamless and intentional transition from vehicle color to vinyl graphic.

Many times we use the vehicle color in the graphic by contour cutting sections of the graphic allowing the vehicle color to show through and become part of the image. This option provides a great middle-ground between lettering and a full wrap. We find this a very popular and effective option for your budget.

qd 2019 silverado driver 1
Similar to all wrap types, full wraps can cover any vehicle. This wrap is part of a fleet which have all been transformed into this stunning green and blue design.
Full Wrap:

The fourth and final vehicle wrap option consists of vinyl covering the whole vehicle. If you want to get noticed, this is the way to go all out. With virtually endless options, we can transform your vehicle into a show-stopping billboard for your business.

Our expert designers create full wrap designs that represent your business in an attractive and efficient way. From simple and corporate to fun and creative, we have the experience and talent to get you noticed. While this option defiantly will get you noticed, it does come in at a higher price point.

Now that you have an understanding of the four most common vinyl graphic options, you can make an informed decision on which best suits your business. Still have questions? Contact the experts at Paramount Signs for a free consultation.

We believe that “getting you noticed is Paramount!”

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