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Marketing your Business without the Headache

One of the most challenging efforts a small- to medium-sized local business faces is figuring out how to get the attention of potential customers. With a plethora of marketing tools and methods available it can prove difficult for businesses to settle on the best method for them. Many options end up seeming too expensive while also offering a small return on investment (ROI). Additionally, many of the programs require an influx of money to keep them active. Fleet wraps cost less per exposure than any other kind of advertising, and they have a high marketing ROI. Contrary to other options, fleet graphics are a one-time cost that will work for you for many years!

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Full Wrap fleet design adapted to fit a standard car.

Companies with a fleet or multiple vehicles will significantly boost their marketing results with vehicle graphics. With each wrapped fleet vehicle, viewership and exposure expand exponentially. Additionally, it will make your business appear more established and give a professional appearance to customers. Once a custom fleet design is established it can be applied to all vehicles. Consistency in fleet vehicle design is important and the design can be adapted to fit new models or reproduced for similar vehicles.

Types, Styles and Variations in Fleet Wraps

The key to a successful Fleet is consistency amongst the designs, colors and styles. That being said, different vehicle styles do not have to all be wrapped in the same style. From a single vehicle to 100 different styles, a vehicle graphics package creates cohesion for your business! As long as your fleet all works together and creates a recognizable image you are doing it right!

Partial wrap on a small vehicle including the white of the vehicle into the design.

Fleet wraps aren’t always “full wraps.” Designs can range from full coverage, and partial coverage all the way to simple graphics.

Full vehicle wraps consist of vinyl covering all of the areas of a vehicle (including or excluding the hood). Traditionally these wraps create a bold image for your business by combining colors, patterns and brand elements to establish an eye-catching design. This type of wrap provides the maximum area for advertising and information as well as creative design to gain the attention of the viewers.

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Vehicle lettering with small logo graphics on the side of this Jeep.

Partial wraps only cover a specific part of the vehicle and take less time and money. Fewer materials are used throughout the process and the designer will incorporate the color of the paint on the vehicle to complement the partial wrap design.

Vehicle lettering provides graphics that usually contain basic information such as company name, contact and licensing information. This style can also include the logo and brand colors.

Vehicle Wraps as an Investment
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Custom partial wrap fleet design for small cargo vans.

Advertisements and investment come down to cost-per-thousand impressions. Are vehicle wraps a good investment? As far as financials go, the investment in a vehicle wrap, when compared to other forms of advertisements, saves you money. Vinyl wraps last longer than other forms of traditional advertising. Television ads for example are only live for a few weeks and come at a hefty cost.

With the advancement in materials, ink and printing technology, vehicle wraps stand up to the weather, sun, and daily grind if installed correctly. This means your one-time investment will continue to work for you for the life of the wrap. If you’re going through a trusted retailer and company, vinyl graphics will all have some form of warranty for them in case of failure. Typically, fleet graphics last around seven years with careful upkeep. At Paramount Signs, we are a 3M MCS certified supplier which means we can offer the 3M warranty which is the gold standard for wrap warranties.

Our expert fleet wrap designers will provide you with unique designs that will not only boost your brand’s visibility but will also uplift the vehicle itself. Once the design is approved, our expert production and installation staff will ensure a clean, professional application of your vehicle wrap that will not only gain the attention of new customers but will stand the test of time for years to come.

So if you have fleet vehicles that are only working part-time for you, give Paramount Signs a call and we will put your fleet to work full time. We offer free quotes and are happy to consult with you about design and style to get your campaign off the ground!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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