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When it comes to special events there are many elements that you have to consider. Where will this event take place? What food will you offer? Who will be invited? What is the purpose of the event? These questions help to set the stage for the upcoming event. A question often forgotten or procrastinated on revolves around event signage.

Whether you need custom signage for graduation, business event, trade show, conference, golf tournament, fundraiser or any other special event, Paramount Signs can provide many solutions for your next special event! We have hundreds of options that will surely make your event a success.

graduation yardsign 1
Yard signs are great for celebrating events in everyone’s lives including birthdays and graduation!
Signage to Advertise your Event and Help with Wayfinding

Yard Signs: Use yard signs to help with advertising, wayfinding and decorating for your event. Yard signs are an affordable, durable, simple signage solution for many of your event needs. Definitely a necessity for any event!

alhjr toy store banner 2 1
Custom Banner used to decorate a tent at a Local Charity event.

Banners: Banners are one of the most popular and economical options for special events that typically can be completed in 2-3 days. In addition to advertising for an event, banners can work to decorate any space.

Floor Graphics: Not only can floor graphics work to direct traffic to your event but they also can help promote safety because people have a tendency to look down.

Informational Signs: In reality, informational signage is some of the most essential. Customers and guests alike will need to know schedules, pricing and any guidance you deem fit.

lookmedia banner plymouth mall 2
Custom Pole Banner for A Sale Located in the Store Parking Lot.

Light Pole Banners: Light pole banners allow you to promote your event in busy spaces such as parking lots. Not only does this work very well for grand openings or sale promos but this can also serve well for attracting a certain demographic for a fundraiser or golf event!

Posters: When it comes to signage, posters are a staple, after all posters are an inexpensive way to promote your event around town.

carefree trade show display 1
Custom Branded Free Standing Wall, Retractable Banners, Table Throw and Magazine Holder Creating a Beautiful Trade Show Display!
Décor Related Signage

Backdrops: Backdrops can create a visually stunning appearance on a stage, work to decorate a canopy, and cover-up unattractive elements. For example, free-hanging backdrops, as well as large branded walls, are popular options.

Kiosks: This option is perfect for trade shows to display product materials and discuss products and services with potential customers.

reedman subaru garage doors
Directional Window Graphics for Local Garage.

Wall Graphics: Wall graphics can really make a statement. Instantly noticed and with the right graphic design will leave a memorable image with your customer, as a result, these also are great for promoting your brand.

Window Graphics: Using vinyl graphics on glass surfaces allows for you to promote your brand on surfaces often left underused. Ultimately window graphics serve best for longer events, but are fully removable!

Sample Promotional Product!
Promotional Signage for those in Attendance

Decals: Great for giving away gifts for sponsors or promotional efforts at trade shows and charity events. Think “stickers.”

Promotional Products: We have hundreds of custom branded promotional products available on our website! With easy-to-navigate categories, a search tool and hundreds of options there are definitely items perfect for any event!

Contact Paramount Signs today to learn more about signage and promotional products for your special event. No event is too big or too small for custom signage!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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