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As businesses grow and evolve to the ever changing market place, many times they find their business model changes. Changes can include new product or service offerings. Additionally,  acquisitions and adapting needs of clientele can mark change. With 2020 and the pandemic so greatly impacting the ways in which businesses operate, this may be a good time to review your branding model and determine if your current model fits your business or where your business is going. If you determine you need to revise or completely re-create your brand, new signage will be essential!

allstar horse show association final logo jpeg 2
New Logo our Team Designed for a Horse Association. Client received vector files upon completion for use on all marketing materials.
Why is signage important?

When your business rebrands, creating a cohesive image is paramount. An effective signage system acts as a visual medium to the public projecting your new vision and mission. The design of the signage system will send a message about the direction that the company is heading. New signage will boost brand identity and increase interest and even sales.

A study published by the University of Cincinnati found that a ‘dramatic’ change in sign appearance created a significant increase in customer count of 10-15 percent.

The key to a successful and cost-effective signage program is to begin with thorough and well-documented branding guide. Branding Guides include standards and specifications for all branding and signage to adhere to. This helps create consistency!

grace church 6
Grace Church re-branded to reach a younger audience and grow their following! They replaced their old panel to display their new branding.
I changed my logo, so I should put it on all my existing signs?

In some cases, simply duplicating signage with an updated logo serves as a successful strategy.

More often than not a duplicate sign replacement strategy is not merited. We often find that over time businesses add signs as the needs changed on an ad hoc basis. While those newer sign(s) may be serving their purpose, it’s best not to assume that the older signage is effective or fits your new brand in style. A rebranding project is the ideal time to review your approach to your signage family and create synergy throughout your facilities.

Don’t restrict your rebrand efforts to just one type of space. Both exterior and interior signs should be reviewed in this effort to truly represent your business in a consistent manner.

stp sign lit 6
In addition to re-branding this business moved buildings allowing us to create a bold and fresh sign with a diamond place accent wall!
How should you prioritize?
Exterior Signage

Begin your rebrand with your exterior building sign. Review your current style, for instance say you’ve always used channel letters but now you see other businesses in the area have changed to box cabinets or dimensional letters. You may want to consider changing your signage style, color or font. You may find that you have more exterior style signs that you thought once you perform your review. Usually the architectural signs, monument signs and building signs come to mind first.  But don’t forget vehicle wraps,  exterior way finding signs and promotional  signs

mainline dermatology 3
Creating dimensional letters to match the font used in their circular logo allows for consistency while also streamlining the appearance.
Interior Signage

To complement your exterior signage rebranding, your interior signage should follow suit. This will act as a continuation of your exterior signage providing synergy of your brand throughout.   Each element is working in concert while contributing to your overall vision and engaging not only with your customers, but also with your employees. Interior signage options such as way finding , dimensional signs, window graphics and more. When done properly you will project a sense of professionalism, pride and vision to your customers as well as your employees.

Are you considering rebranding?  Give the professionals a call at Paramount Signs for a free consultation.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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