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As we see COVID-19 cases start to drop and the administration of vaccines underway, it is still necessary to practice social distancing. As annoying as it is, this practice is going to be the new normal for at least another year as we fight new variants of the virus.

In addition to preventing the spread of COVID, we have seen fewer flu cases this year. If nothing else this proves that masks, social distancing and consistent hand washing help! As such, there is a very real possibility that masks and social distancing will remain common practice.

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Social distancing decals on the floor of a store as a reminder to maintain a safe distance.

In order to keep the community safe, businesses have an important role in reminding everyone of healthy practices. Repetition of the expected norms has an accumulative effect on memory. According to an article from “The Financial Brand,” someone needs to see a message between 3 and 7 times for it to register and adhere to memory.

Using social distancing signs as visual cues and reminders for people to distance themselves from others will serve this purpose. Accordingly, signs will help make businesses more effective in encouraging workers to wash their hands and proceed with caution. They also provide essential information to visitors. This can include asking them to inform personnel and refrain from visiting if experiencing symptoms.

Our new responsibility for social distancing requires visual identification for each part of your business to ensure the health and safety of all your employees and customers. Although every business environment is unique, we can create the appropriate signs for your business that fits your needs.

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Custom Sneeze Guards: perfect for any desk, cash register or anywhere where employees have to interact with the public.

Some of the areas of your business to consider for signage:

  • Communicate expectations for customers, such as wearing face masks, social distancing and occupancy limits, according to state and local regulations. Add signage for temperature screening if appropriate as well as post signs that show the measures your business implemented to ensure safety for your employees and customers.
Aisles and passageways:
  • Mark the outer edge of shopping or walking aisles to create contained traffic flow patterns.
  • Add directional arrows wherever necessary to indicate traffic direction to avoid confusion and congestion.
  • Add markings on the floor to indicate where to stand to abide by the recommended six-foot space radius.
Pick-up/Drop-off spots:
  • Add markers outside of your building to establish safe and easy pickup zones and waiting areas.
  • Include markings on the sidewalk at least six feet apart to indicate where customers can wait for curbside or to-go orders.
terra vida curbside checkin2
Custom Temporary COVID curbside check-in sign for Holistic Medicine Company.
Lobby/Waiting areas:
  • Signs and label reminders of social distancing regulations help wherever people congregate.
Seating Areas:
  • Mark tables and chairs to indicate which should be left open to allow for proper spacing.

Each business space has different needs and Paramount Signs is the company that can help you create the signage that is effective and fits your space and décor. If you want to improve your ability in keeping your employees and customers safe, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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