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Having high-quality, well-placed signage for apartment communities isn’t just a good business strategy, it’s an absolute necessity. Not only do you want to entice new potential renters, but you also need to help your existing tenants feel like they are always considered by you and your staff. Directional signs, safety signs, community rules and regulations as well as ADA compliant signs all should be planned in a cohesive way to provide an organized and effective communication strategy. Not only does this help your tenants, it also helps your staff. Good communication reduces the constant questions and challenges that can occur if your message is not clear.

For other businesses, signs act as a great way to advertise a particular product or service, but in the housing world, signs need to convey an inviting message. Your signage needs to say, “Hey, here’s a great home. It’s friendly, warm, inviting, and clean.” It’s difficult to get that message across and so easy to convey the wrong message with poorly designed signs. You need to convince people that your property is the best possible place to live, and with so much competition it’s going to take more than low rent, beautiful landscaping, and amenities: it’s going to take a great sign.

Basic signage needs for apartment communities:

the glen monument 2
Monument Sign for Local Apartment Community.

Monument Signs

Set apart your property from others with a standout monument sign. Your community name presented on a well-designed monument sign with your community name in large text not only gets your location noticed, it helps motorists easily locate the apartment complex early enough to change lanes safely. This is your opportunity to make a stunning first impression.

the townes at mill run way fingind
Parking Wayfinding sign in Local Apartment Community.

Wayfinding Signs

Your community needs signs that help the flow of traffic and the flow of tenants. You want to make sure it’s clear where to go for parking, laundry, clubhouse, etc. If you have ever entered into community property and found that these signs are makeshift poster boards or damaged and worn signs, it is the first sign that you need to turn around and look somewhere else. These signs are the second impression you make on potential renters but just as importantly, they project pride and a pristine image that current tenants see and appreciate, giving them a feeling that they want to stay.

centerpoint acm signs
Instructional Amenity Sign for a Local Apartment Community.

Amenity Signs

Do you have a resident-accessible pool, gym, clubhouse or collection of barbecue pits on your property? Do you maintain a laundry room for renters? Help new tenants find these amenities quickly and easily. There is nothing more frustrating than having to walk around a larger complex in search of the pool or the laundry room. Also posting regulations on the proper uses of these amenities helps your staff from being flooded with questions and challenges on the use of those amenities.

beaver run knoll enter 4
Safety Signs for a Local Apartment Community.

Safety Signs

If you offer amenities, you need safety signage. These signs may help to limit your liability as they instruct tenants on the correct use of the pool, gym, laundry facility and other amenities. Pool rules, the safe use of the washer and dryer as well as instruction on how to light the barbecues and minimize burn risks. If some walkways get slippery during rainfall or after sprinkler use, have a sign that alerts residents so they can navigate potential risk areas safely. There are many other options available to create a welcoming and unique signage program to make your facility look as good as it can and separate you from the competition.

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