bloom final
bloom final
Bloom Southern Kitchen is a new restaurant in Eagle, PA. We installed Custom Dimensional Letters on Standoffs.

Restaurants have unique signage and graphics challenges because every space is so different and the competition is fierce, so you must differentiate your restaurant from the rest! Dine in restaurants need ambiance, while fast food or concessions stands need to grab the attention of passing traffic and bring hungry customers in! Even during the challenges that COVID brings to our operations, it’s time to prepare for the future. As we eventually will get out of this isolation state in the next months to come, we need to think about how we grab the attention of our customers as they are anxious to get out and find that dining experience they have been thinking about all this time.

It may seem at first that Internet marketing and online maps makes physical restaurant signs less necessary. You can just use your website, email and even mobile app for interactive digital marketing, right? Then customers can track you down online.

curbside banners
Banner for local Cheesesteak restaurant to combat changes due to COVID.

This component of advertising is helpful, but research shows that the benefits of signage advertising are substantial. A BrandSpark/Better Homes and Gardens study found that over half of American consumers — 60% — have mistakenly driven past a business they were trying to find because of inadequate signage. That’s a lot of missed opportunity. On the other hand, a majority of businesses report increased significant, positive impacts on transactions and profits after upgrading their signage.

Every restaurant requires signs to share relevant information with their customers. Whether it’s their exterior signs to draw traffic to the door, or interior signs such as directional signs helping to navigate to the hostess stand, or menu boards with enticing graphics. Even compliance signs associated with the safety regulations by installing exit signs. It’s all very important in the restaurant industry. Your restaurant sign is the highest ROI advertising investment you could ever make.

smoothi king front
Dimensional Letters and Logo wall Sign for the Smoothie King in West Chester.

Different Types of Signs to consider:

Outdoor Signs

Wall signs: Typical materials for wall signs include wood, lightweight aluminum and hollow plastic. With a basic wall sign, you can advertise your restaurant boldly. Use cool fonts and graphics to stand out. We use only high performance materials for a vivid image and durability that will last for years. According to one study, 60% of business with signs have a wall sign — and 89% of large businesses do.

Monument signs: These are typically ground mounted signs that usually don’t stand much taller than a person.  Depending on location and visibility, they are a great attention grabber to show off logos prominently, and are easy to read from a distance. We can incorporate the surrounding architectural features into the sign to fit in with the existing area or create a unique structure that is unique to your brand. The compelling architecture of a monument sign signifies a professional and trustworthy establishment.

manakeesh sign
Lit Blade Sign Cabinet for Manakeesh Cafe in Philadelphia.

Blade signs: These are long, skinny signs that run up and down the side of a building. They can be installed high up to be visible from afar so that drivers can easily see them when they drive by. Blade signs are also excellent for visibility to downtown customers on the sidewalk who will not necessarily look above their heads to see a wall sign.

Pylon signs: These tall signs are often designed with poles or pillars. They are typically taller than monument signs and typically display the names of multiple businesses in a shopping center. Pylon signs are strongly associated with high visibility and would be an excellent choice for a restaurant looking to attract visitors from a far distance. They are very effective in helping travelers on a highway find your restaurant long before they reach your entrance.

cali tort back crop
Channel Letters for California Tortilla.

Channel letters: These signs consist of letters mounted to the external wall. These signs are fabricated letters and shapes that stand out from the wall creating a 3D effect that is very effective in drawing attention. They are typically illuminated, although they don’t have to be, Restaurant illuminated signs can be either face-lit or reverse-lit, depending on the look you prefer for your restaurant. Face-lit signs consist of illuminated letters on the face, reverse-lit signs are illuminated out the back of the letters creating a halo effect. Both create an elegant, classy look.

Interior Signs

Menu boards: The interior can be constructed from materials like acrylic and PVC and can be wall mounted with brushed aluminum wall standoffs. Backlit menus need translucent vinyl graphics to allow the light through.

slow hand door
Window Graphic for Slow Hand restaurant in downtown West Chester.

Vinyl Graphics: Wall murals and wall graphics are great for dining and bar areas to create a mood and communicate the style of food and where it is sourced from. Window graphics can be for advertising, keeping direct sun off diners, and for entrance doors and hours of service. Even etched and frosted glass graphics are available for an upscale look. Finally, consider floor graphics or decals to advertise a special or direct customers to the bar area.

Directional signs: These signs give your customers information to help people know they can seat themselves or that they need to wait to be seated. Point out the buffet, salad bar, condiments or restrooms. Put a sign by the host stand or lobby area to advertise specials. These signs can reduce demands on staff by reducing the amount of questions customers may ask because the information is already displayed in front of them.

Decorative signs: Use these interior signs to engage with customers and get their attention. Set the atmosphere of your restaurant with a tastefully designed sign in the lobby. 3D wall lettering adds to the theme and aesthetic of your restaurant. Hungry, rushed customers are easily frustrated. If they can read signs to learn menu information, smile at cute graphics, gain additional information about how you source your ingredients or find out about upcoming events, the time will pass more quickly.

It may seem like a lot to consider, but not to worry. If you are overwhelmed, give us a call for a free consultation.

When businesses thrive, the community thrives! We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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