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Glass is one of the oldest and most versatile materials in the building industry and is utilized in almost every structure constructed. It brings in much welcomed natural light, helps give the appearance of a larger space and connects us to the outdoors. However, there are a few drawbacks to this versatile material. Because glass is relatively fragile, it leaves vulnerable points in your building for intruders to gain entry, and when glass is broken, the chance of injury is very high.

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Glass shards on window without window film.

You can reduce these vulnerabilities by installing an invisible protective shield on your glass. Security film for windows works under the same principles as automotive windshield glass. The intermediate film keeps the glass from shattering upon impact, just like a rock that hits your windshield may cause a hole, but the overall glass piece remains intact.

Security film creates similar protection, but rather than replacing your existing non-security glass with laminated glass, you can add security film. These films hold glass fragments together after impact to prevent break-ins and injuries caused by broken glass. Get strong, clear protection for your windows that provide peace of mind. By adding an invisible layer of protection with safety and security window film, you can preserve the appearance of buildings, businesses, and residences while creating a shield against the unexpected.

Glass After attempted forced entry with security film.

Some benefits from installing Safety and Security Films are:

Visibility / Transparency

Clear window films are thin and barely detectable. Unlike blinds and curtains, they allow natural light into your building, which decreases the amount spent on electricity. It also provides an unobstructive view of the outdoors.


Security window film also comes with privacy options to reduce the ability to see inside. Burglars may look for indicators that a building is empty, or someone is home alone. With privacy security films for windows, it becomes near impossible for intruders to see targets or know which rooms are occupied. Window films can also be used to change the look of your building or be decorative in nature.

Film being installed to the inside of glass.


Security film for your windows not only stops glass from shattering, but it also makes glass more difficult to breach, delaying entry by up to three minutes. This means intruders will have to use a more considerable amount of force to gain entry, giving those inside time to run, hide, or call the authorities.

Natural Disasters

Security film also protects against natural disasters such as high winds or tornados that my fling objects through glass. Other natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes, can cause windows to blow out entirely. With window reinforcement film, the glass can be broken, but will not shatter, allowing those attempting to escape safe passage without injury.

Security films come both in clear and in tinted finishes allowing for UV protection and privacy.

UV protection 

Some window security films also block ultraviolet light, which is damaging to people, furnishings, and equipment. These films will keep fabrics, furniture, and artwork from discoloration and fading as well as protecting those inside from UV rays that are damaging to eyes and skin.

If you have a concern about your safety from storms or break-ins, give the experts a call at Paramount Signs for a free consultation. Our experts have been certified and are here to help!

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