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There are many ways to create an attractive storefront through various signage options and window graphics, many businesses overlook the flair and functionality of awnings. Choosing the right kind of signage for any business is crucial to its success. Awnings can bring a whole new dimension to your storefront. They not only can be a form of signage with logos and graphics on the awning but they also can create an artistic flair by complimenting other exterior signage while providing protection from the weather. Awnings can also help with your utility bills by provided protection from the sun which reduces internal heat. As a durable, long lasting and budget friendly option, awnings are a great addition to any signage package!

I’ve seen awnings on businesses, but what are the advantages?

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Awnings Create Three Dimensional Branding Opportunities

Awnings are a great way to get your branding out there. Because not all businesses utilize awnings, they are a great way to help your brand stand out amongst the standard row of wall signage you see in a shopping district.

Awnings can be fabricated in many sizes, materials and colors. An awning can display your logo along with custom graphics to get you noticed. Our expert design staff can work with you to create an awning that best suits your company and its branding!

Awnings Provide Protection From The Elements

An awning offers protection from the elements and can provide additional space on your storefront for merchandising which can attract curious shoppers where otherwise they would not have considered coming into your store. They will certainly appreciate the shade or shelter it provides. Retail stores and businesses alike need to be creative with their advertising. Fortunately, there are many great awning sign options to choose from.

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Awnings are Cost-Efficient

Awnings can be very cost-efficient. Once you’ve spent the money, that’s it, your store has an enormous adverting billboard and there are no additional rental costs to think about. Awnings are built to last in all types of weather providing some shelter for your customers. There are endless shapes and styles of awnings to choose from which allows us to design an awning that can make a big difference to the outside of your business, and inside of your cash register.

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Awnings are Energy-Efficient

Large awnings block the sun and help to keep your business cool and lower air conditioning bills. So, not only will awnings cut your costs, but they’ll also provide a space outside for customers to gather and get a good look at what your store has to offer them.

At Paramount Signs, our expert design staff will work with you to create the awning that fits your needs while respecting your budget. If you are considering an awning for your business, give us a call for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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