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Signs For Schools

The first day at school can be an exciting and stressful time. Especially when transitioning from one facility to a new facility. One of the concerns voiced by students is on how well they will be able to navigate. Where is my next classroom, where are the restrooms, dining areas and other locations in the facility or campus. Well done school signs can ease the transition by providing the basics of way-finding and safety. School spirit signs, motivational phrases and recognition signs can create a welcoming environment which all helps with reducing stress and calming nerves.

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Use Signage for Safety, Compliance, and Wayfinding

First and foremost, schools number one priority it safety. Signage should be one of the first messages students, staff and parents should experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. Signage begins with wayfinding signs and parking guidance signs as well as a monument sign signifying the school name located in front of the facility. Monument signs are typically the largest signs on site and are brick and mortar or metal structures. More commonly these days they are electronic message boards.

Pedestrian Crossing & School Traffic Signs

When traveling to and from school, as well as around the school campus, it’s very important for people to be able to find their way. For elementary schools in particular, traffic signs are critical for safety because of the younger students. On larger facilities such as college campuses, directional signage is very important to aid students to in navigating to their classrooms, teachers’ offices, and school departments.

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ADA & Handicap Signs

ADA signs are required for all buildings to meet the code as prescribed through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA provides a set of design standards that all signs must follow. The ADA Standards for Accessible Design provides guidelines about the finishing and contrast, fonts, pictograms and symbols, and braille used in signs as well as requirements for the installation and mounting of signs. There are not only requirements for sign design but also installation.


Informational Signs

Whether it’s policy messages, events or special events, informational signs are important to help keep order. There are lots of different ways that schools can utilize signage to inform students and faculty as well as promote the school and create a sense of school spirit. This comes into play with the monument signs and message centers at key areas around the school, but it also includes things like banners. Sports programs often use banners for sponsors. The various teams will raise funds for their home team by going to businesses and ask for support. In return, they’ll have some sort of signage that advertises that business and shows that business supporting the school. Another example of promoting is by using wall graphics to highlight the activities at your school, such as the supports teams.

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Branding Signs

Branding is more than displaying your logo, it’s a reflection of what your school stands for. It is essential to create a clear vision for your school so that it can be carried through current students through to the alumnus and alumni associations. When your school is well branded, it’s easier for students and families to rally around it, to create a strong community and participation.

Other Signs

Many schools are installing custom scoreboards which display your brand/logo and can play a large part in engaging your students, staff and parents. Another option that works very well in creating a fun and engaging environment is with wall and floor graphics with your logo or motivational and inspirational text that you could put on the wall or floor of inspire students to think about things in a positive and productive better ways they can do things or just to inspire them to do better.

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Graduation Banners & Yard Signs

The current environment has required us to be creative in trying to substitute the larger events celebrating graduations, holidays and the like. One of the fun ways to help display acknowledgement of achievement or special events is with banners and yard signs. They are a budget friendly way to create a fun or festive visual to set the tone for a smaller celebration.

Security Film

In today’s environment it is more important than ever to utilize any and all mechanisms to improve safety within schools. Security film is a new technology that is applied to glass windows and protects the glass and those within. Where normal glass shatters upon impact, security film holds the glass together preventing forcible break-ins, protection from natural disasters and providing extra time for emergency responders to get to the scene in case of a violent incident.

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