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Have you ever passed a location and noticed excavating equipment and fences going up? Ever wonder what is happening at that site? The next time you pass by you sees the site being excavated and contractors on site. You go about your daily life and watch as the construction process continues until you ate able to start and guess what is going into that space.

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Finally, the sign goes up on the building. Oh no, it’s a new gym right down the street from me and I just signed a contract for another gym 10 miles away. Or it’s a storage facility and you just signed a lease for a unit five miles further away. If only there was a sign that informed you of the pending facility, when it may open and contact information so you could inquire about the opening specials they may offer. It’s also a loss for the facility. They may have been able to acquire many new customers if they only informed the potential clientele and employees of the pending opening of their facility.

This is where construction signs come into play. They work to inform potential customers of the pending opening of a new business and to provide contact information for potential customers. This is also a great advertising medium for the contractors on site. If there is another potential project pending in the area the owner of that project may see the contractors work at this site and inquire about their own project. A rendering of the new facility is also a great way to attract interest. Between the message on the sign panel and the rendering, passersby will be able to get the message more clearly.

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The most common construction signs used today are post and panel signs. They are exactly as described. They can be either a single post with a smaller panel or two posts for larger panels with a digitally printed graphic on the face. The potential possibilities of a digitally printed graphic with a protective laminate are endless allowing for a vivid and eye-catching sign. There are options for single-sided sign or double-sided depending on the exposure and placement of the sign. The posts are typically buried in the ground and can be easily removed once the project is completed. Depending on the type of construction or facility being built, these signs have multiple options to fit the budget and image you want to project. Different style accent toppers are available along with painted posts, added features to the post to provide a more upscale look as well as different shapes for the panel.

If you are about to start a new construction project and want to advertise the new facility or a contractor working on a new project, give us a call for a free consultation.

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