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Every step in the process of acquiring your sign is not complete until you have your sign installed.

Whether it is a partial vehicle wrap, a full wrap, wall graphics or dimensional and electrical signs, the last step of installation can make the project a success or a failure. The installation can directly affect the appearance and longevity of your sign. Preparation is key to a successful installation. Cleanliness of the mounting surface for vehicle graphics, appropriate fastening systems for dimensional signs, and proper materials for electrical sign installs are all critical components for a successful project.

A big component of a successful sign package is the permitting process. It is essential to ensure that the sign design meets all local and state code requirements in order to eliminate any major issues during and after the installation. We have a detailed process for sign projects that insures all facets of the job are completed to the desired specification. Stringent attention to zoning code laws and state electrical sign code regulations ensure that your sign is installed safely and designed to last the test of time.

For vehicle wraps, we go through a three-step cleaning process to ensure the optimum surface for vinyl adhesion. We require that the vehicle be washed with soap and water (no wax) prior to being delivered for the wrap. We will go through a mild detergent wipe down to remove any residual dirt from the surface. Next is a degreaser wipe to remove any residual road grease and oils. The final wipe is an isopropyl alcohol wipe to remove any residual cleaners and fingerprints. At this point, we are ready to apply the vinyl graphics. These steps are crucial to the longevity of your wrap.

For wall graphics and wraps we will visit the site and perform an adhesion test prior to production to ensure the proper vinyl adhesive is used. Yes, different surfaces, paints, etc. can affect the adhesion of the vinyl. Failure to test adhesion is one of the major causes for early failure. It is well worth the time to have your wall tested to determine the best vinyl for the job.

If you are looking for a new sign or vehicle graphics, don’t hesitate to ask about the installation process. Give us a call for a free consultation. We would love to discuss your project.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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