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Parking and way-finding signs in parking areas are something we often take for granted. Every day we let them guide our behavior and yet we rarely pay active attention to the sign. From curbside pickup spaces, to company parking signs to wayfinding signs; parking signs create order and structure to any parking lot!

It’s ironic how a sign can create order and direct traffic in such a subtle way. Even though they seem invisible and many times intuitive, it is because there is structure around size, shape, color and location that provides consistency and reliability around the message.

Parking signs are used to direct traffic in large parking areas to help promote order and safety without the need for lot attendants. Parking signs and “No Parking” signs streamline traffic, and special attention signs prevent blind corner incidents and improve the organization of your property’s exterior areas. Don’t forget handicap parking signs, which are required by ADA regulations for almost all public buildings providing easy and safe access for the handicapped population.

There are many other tasks that parking and parking lot signs can manage. Things like speed limits, yield signs, special access, employee parking, reserved parking and so on. Special areas reserved for emergency services such as fire lanes and patient pickup points help with expediting emergency services and creating safe zones for those using the parking area.

While some clients opt for standard parking signs just to meet regulations and guide parking, there is an opportunity for branding when it comes to parking lots. Branded parking signs expose your clients to your company branding from the moment they enter your parking lot. This coupled with exterior signage and an interior sign package, creates a full branding experience.

If parking signs are often overlooked, why brand it?

  1. Branding increases business value by firmly establishing it in the marketplace.
  2. Branding generates new customers by creating impressions and creating familiarity and dependability in a company in turn driving referrals.
  3. When a company is well-branded employees have improved pride and satisfaction in their work.
  4. Branding creates trust within the marketplace.
  5. Branding supports advertising efforts by increasing impressions.

By putting your logo, company colors and information on all your parking signs you are creating more impressions which in turn leads to better recognition and perception of your brand all while driving new business!

If you are considering signage for your parking areas, give us a call for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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