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Utilizing window graphics is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to change the character of your commercial space. They are easy to change but are durable and lasting. They are also inexpensive but have a polished and professional look. Simply put, they are a versatile marketing tool that will support branding, attracting customers, and creating awareness.

One of the best ways you can maximize the investment in your business space is by utilizing graphics. Window graphics, whether it is storefront windows, doors or interior glass surfaces – graphics are an effective way to visually enhance the blank and empty space created by windows and doors. Window graphics can be a very practical branding, promotional, and sponsor signage solution as they can provide an added sense of privacy while still conveying the desired message.

There are many options available to create the look that fits your needs.

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Window Perf: Window perf material is a one-way viewable perforated film that can be mounted on either interior or exterior surfaces and allows for some light to shine through the graphics. An image is printed on the front of the material and when mounted on the glass the image on the face is visible from the outside while providing light to pass through to the inside. In some cases, the panel is virtually invisible from the inside.

Window Frost: Window frost is a popular option for branding windows and doors with window graphics and door graphics. Frosted vinyl can be contour cut to create custom vinyl lettering that gives the appearance of etched glass. Frost is also used to provide privacy while allowing light to transfer into the other space. This is a great choice if you are looking to visually enhance areas of your facility at a lower cost than a renovation. Frosted vinyl is a popular choice for creating privacy in the conference room while keeping the space bright!

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Window clings: Window graphics can also be printed on a variety of translucent vinyl materials that can provide easy removal and re-apply for seasonal events and specials.

Opaque vinyl: Graphics can be printed on an opaque vinyl material to create a full-color graphic or applied to the full glass panel if complete privacy is needed. This is a popular option for full logo graphics on the door or window of your company’s office.

Some benefits to consider if you are thinking about using window graphics

Versatility. Whether you choose to use a window graphic or cling, you aren’t stuck using the same graphics year-in and year out. Since the graphics are usually not a permanent application, you have the option of changing them out more frequently than other types of graphics or signs.

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Built-in advertising. Window graphics provide an ideal way to let the world know your business exists. Potential customers get a better sense of who your company is and what it does. When people walk up to a building that has your logo or images of your products they’re likely to remember your location. Whether they are ready to buy that instant or have a need a little later, they are more likely to remember your location.

Promotion of sales and company news. Window graphics give stores the opportunity to highlight current sales or special offers. When those stores get new products in or start selling a new brand, the company can use a window graphic display to highlight the new products.

Greater privacy. Although window graphics are often used to share information, they can serve other practical purposes too. For example, you can use window graphics to create a privacy barrier on windows on the interior of a workspace. You can also use frosted glass or etched films to block off parts of your workspace that you don’t want passersby to see — without taking the natural light out of those spaces.

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Attention. People are more likely to notice a business that has a sign or graphics on its facade. If your company’s windows are bare and you don’t have much else in the way of signage, how is anyone going to know you’re there?

Savings. While window graphics aren’t free, they do tend to cost a lot less than other forms of advertising and usually don’t require the purchase of a permit.

Improved appearance. Window graphics give you the chance to dress up your workspace or building and mask any unappealing areas.

The options for window graphics are truly endless and are an easy way to make a big impact at your facility. If you are considering upgrading your space with window graphics, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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