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When construction breaks away on a new job the need for signage increases exponentially. Just as there are many different types of construction, the sign packages for new construction signs are vastly diverse. Safety signs are essential to any worksite. Signage is used to communicate work site information such as identifying hazard areas and informing workers on safe practices and safety equipment required in specific areas. In addition to keeping people safe, advertisement signs are frequently ornamenting a construction project.

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Whether it is a retail space, office space, commercial space, or residential – there are hundreds of variations and purposes for signage at your construction site.  The most common type of construction signs is site signs that advertise the contractors, type of space or building, property management firms and renderings of the building itself.  These signs are typically regulated by the local municipalities.  Regulations are typically associated with allowable sizes.  These are a great way to gain exposure about your company, the property and the acquisition of potential tenants for the space.   There is quite a variety of styles, shapes and materials to meet your goals and budget.

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While some serve as a good way to promote the project, certain signs are mandated and are regulated and required by OSHA, MUTCD as well as state and local municipalities for traffic control signs and worker safety signs. These regulations define the requirements in regards to color, shape and size and placement.

When it comes to sign packages for new construction the most common sign style is the classic post and panel sign. These signs can be single, double, or multiple panel configurations showcasing a printed graphic. Single post and arm styles are typically used by contractors to display their logo at the job site to advertise their work.  Double post and panel signs are typically used for larger projects where there is either a rendering of the facility being constructed or multiple contractors, banking sources involved in the project as well as the property management or real estate firm to advertise their businesses and provide contact information for potential tenants.

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Larger sites that require fencing to enclose the site often will use banners on the fencing to advertise as well as block out visibility to the site.  This is one of the most economical means to create large displays with ease of installation.  Banners can be provided with solid panels, wind slats cut into the banner panel to allow wind to pass through or mesh banners that allow wind to pass through as well as provide some visibility to the site.

The ability to create a safe work environment through signage as well as advertise the project and the companies contributing to the project are endless.  If you are in the early stages of planning a construction project give us a call for a free consultation.  We can work with you to create an effective signage plan to help you keep your site safe, compliant and visible to potential tenants or investors.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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