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The Renters Decade 2010-2019

This past decade has transformed the relationship Americans have with housing. Where the norm once was homeownership, renting has taken over.  While for some this shift was out of necessity, changing attitudes towards family and ownership led to the rise of individuals renting by choice. From young families to seniors, from city cores to suburbs, many Americans have shifted away from homeownership.

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During the “Renters Decade,” the years from 2010 to 2019, the number of American renters surpassed 100M. While renting statistics include multi-family units and single-family units, today nearly two-thirds live in multi-family units. With apartment living being the most popular amongst renters, it makes sense that there has been an insurgence of luxury apartment complexes emerging in nice areas. Of the 2.4M units built in this decade, 40% are high-quality and resort-like offering many amenities. The luxury apartment continues to grow and adapt and with it so does the need for quality branding.

Why Does Apartment Branding Matter?

Just as is true with the oversaturated product market, the sea of possible apartment options is vast and it is easy to get lost or pushed aside. Recognition, Recollection, Retention. Consistent branding across social media, webpage’s and signage create an image for your potential customers to link to your brand! Unlike daily coffee purchases, renting is a more annual ordeal and as such branding needs to be such that the customer remembers your complex when it comes time to move!

Branding goes beyond a logo, it gives your community a personality. Is it a luxury community? Earth-friendly? Downtown Chic? What makes it unique? Is the location special? Who are you trying to rent to? These are all questions that work to form the personality of the community which will drive the clientele.

Why is a Sign Company Writing about Apartment Complex Branding?

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When it comes to branding (or rebranding) an apartment community a major component is signage.

The first step is finding the community. This starts with a high-quality brand consisting of a strong logo, a specific set of colors and a brand identity. Many people hunt for homes online, this is where consistency is key. If a potential renter sees one image online that is the brand they are going to be searching for upon visiting your location.

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Driving up to your community roadside signage is essential to ensure that it is easily located. Whether a post and panel sign, a monument sign or a combination of permanent and temporary signage – these signs are the first impressions a potential renter will have of your property.

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Upon entering the community there needs to be visible wayfinding signage so that individuals know where to park, where to enter, where the main office is, etc. All of these components need signs.

In addition to telling people where to go, you have to let them know what is located where, that is where directories come in. Directories work for office space to tell customers which suite a tenant is in as well as where amenities (such as a pool, a gym or a lounge) are located!

In addition to the sign opportunities around your property, interior signage is essential within apartment communities. From directories within the building to branded logo signage on the walls – the interior opportunities for branding are vast.

Why Should I Care About Apartment Branding?

While many of us are not in the market to develop first-class apartment communities, that does not mean we can’t help. Whether you are in the market for rental property and had issues with signage, currently live in a place with lacking signage, or have contacts that develop or manage these properties – we want to help make your life easier!

We believe that successful businesses lead to a successful community, so let us help you. As a full-service sign and branding company, we work closely with apartment communities to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. While we believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT, we also work day in and day out to keep the community safe with smart signs!

Contact us today to see how we can help elevate your apartment community with high-quality branded signage!

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