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Covid-19 has significantly impacted our environment in many ways. It affects how we think, and how we perceive things and it will affect how we do business going forward. As we slowly move back towards a sense of normalcy it is probably a good time to re-assess your own business. Businesses are, for the time being at least, going to be operating differently. What services and products will you provide going forward?  Does it affect your business model in regards to how you interact with your customer?  What will you do to protect your employees and customers while still trying to provide superior services and products?  Do you want to promote new services and products that ensure safety and security?

It may seem overwhelming at times when you go into an in-depth analysis of your business and how it fits the new norm, but this time of stagnation provides the time for you to do it right! Reviewing your business will allow you to come out of this situation with an understanding of new opportunities and where your business fits into this “new normal”.  Customers are looking for solutions to bring their lives back to normal and not have to worry about their safety and security.  The same applies to your employees.


First Steps – SWOT

Back in November we wrote a few blogs about branding and promoting your brand. While it is always good to pay attention to your brand image and how you are perceived in the community, it is also important to look at what is going on in the world to see how your business fits.

The term SWOT analysis is often used in the marketing world and simply refers to the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats a company faces. These components all written down to allow a business to better organize itself into the society it is trying to survive and thrive within.

Since the Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the way businesses operate it is essential to perform a SWOT analysis to see how and what you can do to survive.

In order to adapt your business to the “new normal” and come out on top, there are a few steps you have to take!

  1. Research: Stay up to date on the progression of this virus and how it affects your community. Are there restrictions businesses have to follow? How can you ensure your clients’ and employees’ safety? What businesses are allowed to be open? etc.
  2. Strengths: Look at your business model and look at what your company’s strengths are. How is your business already equipped to handle this virus? Is it convenient for you to work from home? Do you sell products that are needed?
  3. Weaknesses: With strength always comes weakness. Where do you have room to improve? What are some major issues with the business currently?
  4. Opportunities: With the changing climate a new wave of opportunities opens up. Figure out what some opportunities are for your business to succeed. How can you capitalize on the changes?
  5. Threats: This situation is obviously full of threats for businesses, but it’s important to put down on paper what some of the biggest threats are to your business’s success.

As the situation is constantly changing as we learn more, it is important to stay up to date on your SWOT analysis as that will help your business stay afloat.

A company’s brand goes beyond just what they stand for and how they operate. While survival is our first instinct in troubling times, now is the time to ensure that your brand will thrive!

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Where do I start?

Whether your business is well established or just in its beginning stages, it is important to make sure you understand the direction you want to take your business, make sure your logo and branding are on par with your role as a company and that you are working to create a safe and successful business to enter this “new normal.”

The creative process of developing the full branding message can only be done internally with a lot of research and internalization to create the philosophy and blueprint that best describes your business in the current situation and otherwise.

When it comes to the visual representation of these ideals, that is where we come in! As a full-service sign and branding company, we want to work with you to make sure your business succeeds in this new world that is forming around us.

From a full update to your logo and branding materials, to the creation of branded signage to tell consumers how you are operating (curbside pickup signs, open banners, directional graphics), we are your one-stop shop for success!

We believe that even though there are many hurdles, now is the time to build yourself up so that you emerge stronger than ever. Here at Paramount Signs, we want to help you succeed!

After all, “getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT”

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