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Every day we encounter vinyl graphics on our daily commute. Vehicle graphics are a cost-effective means of advertising and as such have gained immense popularity. It has gotten to the point that people automatically think of vehicle wraps and graphics when they hear the word “wrap”. The truth of the matter is that there are many applications for vinyl,  many of which people may not even think to realize. Vinyl manufacturers constantly come out with new products so we can apply vinyl graphics to many surfaces in creative ways.

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Other than vehicles, vinyl is now applied to glass, stone, brick, concrete and many other surfaces. Vinyl graphics can be created to place on the floor for wayfinding, on stone or brick for artistic expression or advertising, on walls to create an environment that expresses your business or even used for calming effects as in medical centers.

We have had opportunities to create fun and interesting vinyl graphics for unique applications.


One application was when a mother had called us to see if we could wrap helmets. Her son had a skull-molding helmet which is used for the treatment of skull deformities. She wanted something that was fun for her son as well as others around him. We couldn’t help but do this for her. We created a vintage aviator-themed graphic and wrapped the helmet for him. We scanned his mother’s writing with his name and incorporated that into the graphic. The end result was awesome and the look on the little boy’s face, his brothers and the tears in his mother’s face made it all worthwhile.

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Another project was a startup beverage vending machine company that was creating a new machine that would create a personalized mix of sparkling water, supplements and calorie intake options along with an endless selection of flavoring. They were in the prototyping phase and heading towards a final version that was to be shown at one of the largest vending machine trade shows of the year. They had called Paramount signs to create a bright and fresh graphic for the machines and produce a wrap to add that stunning look for the show that will draw potential customers to their booth. Once they have them in the booth, the machines will sell themselves.

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We had about a week to create a design incorporating fresh fruit and the Myx branding, produce and install in order to make the show. We produced the graphic on our HP360 Latex printer on 3M IJ180 vinyl to create stunning vibrant colors with the durability of the 3M vinyl. The project was completed on time and looked incredible.

Vinyl is versatile and with a little creativity and adaptation can be used to make any vision come to life!

If you have an unusual or unique situation where you would like to create an image on a surface you’re not sure about, give Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

As is always true, getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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