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As businesses grow and adapt to the ever-changing environments in which they work, it is important that their signage follows suit. Consistency in branding and messaging is essential to a business’s success. It is said that “people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that judgment at large determines how the individual will perceive the company. “

A company’s brand identity is the backbone with which they are seen throughout the community.   The most well-known and respected brands on the planet have a consistent personality that is seen through all their advertising efforts – including their physical signage.

Whether it is an update or change to your branding, services or staffing, all the way down to the smaller items such as hours of operation you must be mindful of clear communication to your customer base.  Change can be confusing, difficult and stressful for some people so it is important your messaging ensures the change is clearly communicated.

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We had been recently contacted by Centers for Families who do wonderful work with teens and families to overcome personal challenges and promote healing. They are a great resource for the community providing educational workshops, clinical therapy as well as support groups to help navigate through the process of healing.

They have been a wonderful customer we have had the pleasure to work with on multiple projects so the process is very straightforward for them. They wanted to update their window graphics to reflect updates in their staffing as well as add additional directional assistance as they have multiple entrances.

It’s a very straightforward project as we keep all documents and art from prior projects with all our customers.  All they had to do was call with noted changes and we can pull their file, assemble new art proofs and quote within a day or two.

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On the glass doors, there was existing vinyl we had installed previously which had to be removed and the new vinyl applied. We used a high-performance plot vinyl in the color specified. Since we are familiar with the site so there was no need for someone to be there for the installation allowing for us to continue work while adhering to social distancing.  Our installer removed the existing graphic and installed the new graphic in short order. The end result is a long-lasting graphic that provides the updated information and format the customer wanted to portray.

If you are adapting to the changing environment and you need updated signage to match the evolution of your business, call the experts at Paramount Signs.  We are here to help and as we like to say, “Getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT”

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