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Windows and glass are not limited to storefront advertising anymore. Glass has become a prime feature for architects to create a sense of open space in offices and work areas. It is still a prime space for retail storefronts to utilize for attracting customers whether it be the business identification or a means to promote products and promotional activities. Either way, there is an abundance of options to turn that glass into a functional and active feature to promote your business or enhance a work environment.

In addition to using this palette as a promotional space or enhancing an environment, there are films that are designed to provide forced entry security. These films are used for home security, protecting public spaces such as schools, banks and businesses with security window films that can deter break-ins and prevent the glass from shattering during earthquakes

Custom window graphics provide advantages beyond a sleeker business office or storefront. Consider the branding implications of making your walls and windows a visually appealing, stand-out feature of your business.

Some of our most popular, effective window graphics include:

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Vinyl window graphics: Draw new visitors into your store with versatile and durable vinyl window graphics. Vinyl is one of the most versatile design materials available. We can design it with any color scheme you can imagine and cut and shape it into any size.

See-through window graphics: With vinyl see-through window graphics, customers can clearly read your messaging while still peeking inside to check out your exceptional products. Our selection of see-through window graphics are durable, feature vibrant coloring and are simple to install or replace as your marketing needs evolve.

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Perforated window graphics: Choose whether you want to be seen with our quality perforated window graphics produced with durable vinyl materials. Perforated window graphics allow one-way visibility from either inside or outside your window. Our perforated window graphics can get designed according to your exact specifications and color combinations while allowing you to determine the amount of visibility you want to perforate. Perforated window graphics are one of our most popular options because they’re affordable and ideal for outside-facing window displays.

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Frosted window films: Frosted window films let light through while also creating a sense of privacy. These films can be used in complete or partial window frost for privacy while letting light in. These films can be utilized in the interior or exterior spaces. Frosted vinyl can also be custom cut into designs to provide some privacy with a custom graphic or logo.

Tinted window films:  Tinting can provide differing levels of privacy while providing UV protection and reducing the heat that can help with utility cost reductions for air conditioning.

Window safety films:  There are several manufacturers of window safety films that can prevent or delay forced entry. In addition to the safety aspect, most of these films also provide UV protection.

Whether you want to create a stunning window graphic to attract customers, enhance the appearance of your workspace or provide additional security for work or home, look no further than Paramount Signs when it comes to designing, printing and installing custom window graphics for your business.

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