As we try to navigate through the current pandemic, many businesses are struggling to navigate and manage the safety of employees and customers alike. For many businesses, the answer has been shutting their doors and working remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Other businesses must remain open to provide essential services to the community. In both cases, the safety of customers, visitors and staff are paramount.

As a small business navigating the same challenges you all are facing, as well as being in the sign industry, we understand the challenges of conveying information in this new environment where information and requirements are quickly changing creating situations where we may need to adjust our messaging. It is difficult to keep up at times but we are here to help in any way that we can.  We understand the unique needs of business owners and know how to associate your brand with safety, professionalism, and comfort.

How Signs can Help!

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If your business or organization remains open or is operating under alternate conditions (eg. virtual), you can notify customers with outdoor banners, a-frames, custom graphics and roadside signs.

If your physical space is open to the public, it is imperative to provide safety information regarding social distancing parameters and hygiene practices. Signs are a good way to remind your employees and customers as they enter your space of the social distancing guidelines, to direct traffic if you are managing separated entrances and exits, as well as provide distance references on the floor to help people maintain safe spacing. If your isles do not provide enough space for the 6-foot distance guideline you may want to consider one-way isles and guide your customers with directional arrows or floor graphics to help manage traffic.

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Health and hygiene are essential in this time so instructions for personal protection, protective equipment requirements and facility cleanliness and sanitizing information posted around your facility help keep the community safe.  Protecting your employees and customers at checkout is just as important. We can help with custom sneeze guards. We offer a few standard products but can also custom design guards that fit around credit terminals and other fixed obstacles that offer maximum protection with minimal obstruction. We have free-standing designs as well as models that can be screwed into the face of the counter.

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Ensure visitors can safely navigate your space without compromising their health. Temporary signs can indicate where to collect or drop off products, remind individuals to practice social distancing and communicate other safety best practices.  Proper signage that commands compliance can provide a sense of safety for your clients putting them at ease to come to your place of business.

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Spread your business’s message to sidewalks, windows, concourses, parks, and other community areas far and wide using ‘???a variety of options we have available like vinyl banners and A-frames.

If you know what you need, we’re ready to help. Not sure what will work best for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of sign experts can help refine your messaging and create signs and graphics that are consistent with your brand.

We believe that getting you noticed (and keeping the community safe) is PARAMOUNT! Contact us today for a free quote!

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