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Your office or storefront is one of the first things visitors take in about your business. Making an impactful first impression is important and window/glass graphics are a great way to make an impact on established and prospective customers alike. Bare buildings and unused potential glass space won’t cut it. Your office/store walls, windows and doors are prime spaces to convey key branding messages that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.

Custom window graphics provide advantages beyond a sleeker business office or storefront. Consider the branding implications of making your walls and windows a visually appealing, stand-out feature of your business.


Windows can look professional yet personalized when they have the right designs. Custom window graphics strike that all-essential balance that draws eyes and keeps them there. You’ll find more people reading the information, taking in your logo, familiarizing themselves with your products and services and ultimately connecting with your brand. Additionally, these spaces can also be utilized for informational or wayfinding opportunities aiding the customer experience.

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This application of branding on windows offers an additional layer to present brand awareness. Target markets have heard your name and made some connection with your products or services. The best brand awareness strategies incorporate custom window graphics to complement all the marketing and advertising strategies small businesses employ. Together, they breed elevated brand awareness that goes beyond name recognition.


There are few better ways to physically advertise events sales and promotions than through window graphics. Given their range of options and customizations — from high-quality logos printed on full-window perforated film to intricate and informative sticky decals — window graphics relay information about the goods and services that make your business tick. After all, you wouldn’t be in business without them.

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Window decals bring personality and life to plain glass at a fraction of the cost of traditional renovations. Few other design initiatives can match window graphics’ price point. Window graphics add privacy and a sense of refinement. Window frost can help employees avoid feeling like fish in a glass bowl every time foot traffic goes by, while customers and clients within can feel like they’re part of a more intimate and involved space. Whether through frosted window imagery, full vinyl perforated windows or strategically placed decals and stickers, employees and visiting customers will experience natural light and outdoor views without feeling uncomfortably exposed.

Some of our most popular, effective window graphics include:

  • Vinyl window graphics: Draw new visitors into your store with versatile and durable vinyl window graphics. Vinyl is one of the most versatile design materials available. We can design it with any color scheme you can imagine and cut and shape it into any size.
  • See-through window graphics: With vinyl see-through window graphics, customers can clearly read your messaging while still peeking inside to check out your exceptional products. Our selection of see-through window graphics are durable, feature vibrant coloring and are simple to install or replace as your marketing needs evolve.
  • Perforated window graphics: Choose whether you want to be seen with our quality perforated window graphics produced with durable vinyl materials. Perforated window graphics allow one-way visibility from either inside or outside your window. Our perforated window graphics can get designed according to your exact specifications and color combinations while allowing you to determine the amount of visibility you want to perforate. Perforated window graphics are one of our most popular options because they’re affordable and ideal for outside-facing window displays.
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 Why You Should Invest in Window Graphics

Whether you’re running a commercial or a retail business with one or more windows, window graphics provide an efficient and cost-effective way of advertising your business. With our help in creating an innovative design,  window graphics compliment your business, give your office a nice finishing touch and increase brand awareness.

Nowadays, many store owners are investing in window graphics as a means to reach out to potential customers. Sometimes, all it takes to convert a passerby into a customer is a large, brilliant window graphic placed on a key location in your store. It also helps in keeping you ahead of all your competitors.

Paramount Signs in-house designers will work with you to create the highest-quality, clearest and crispest promotional window decals and clings precisely for your business. “Custom” is not a buzzword for us. It’s a commitment.

Get ready to level up your storefront, your sales and your business through professionally printed window graphics. Look no further than Paramount Signs when it comes to designing, printing and installing custom window graphics for your business.

Getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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