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Many businesses rely on trade shows to market their business and to learn about new business opportunities and partners. Having a well-designed trade show booth is very important in making a good impression, particularly when there are hundreds of other vendors at an expo.

How do you to design a trade show booth?

You start with two things – your branding and your goal for the trade show. If your goal is to get people to sign up for a specific product demo, then you will design your booth around that. Your branding will act as a guideline for that design to ensure that, no matter what, you are promoting your company and building brand awareness.

We work with businesses to plan out their trade show booth from the ground up. Our specialties are creating custom backdrops, retractable banners, table displays, and other unique displays for trade shows and expos.

Whether your needs are simple or if you have the need for a custom setup, we can help!

  • Table or surface graphics: These are the fabrics and print materials covering booth tables. Table graphics include table skirts and draped table runners as well as tabletop display items like miniature pop-ups, literature racks, touchscreen mounts and tabletop signage systems.
  • Floor graphics: These short-term stickers and decals with adhesives are made specifically for floor applications utilizing a special laminate that protects the graphic as well as provides a nonslip surface.  Floor graphics allow you to “peel and place” semi-permanent logos, pictures or messages right onto your booth’s floor, further branding your space.  We can help you design your floor graphic and custom print in-house.
  • Booth backdrops: Use these large-format sheets and canopies as your exhibit’s main background material. Square or rectangle fabric back walls are a great way to provide an extra “POP” to your booth available in many different sizes to suit your booth size. Backdrops also include paneled back wall accents, half walls or hanging banners.
  • Wall graphics: Install these graphics and signage onto nearby booth walls or partitions. These can be provided in many materials from banner material to a self-adhesive vinyl graphic with a removable self-adhesive back to aid in easy removal to folding panel screens and fabric poster displays.
  • Flags and Banners: Eye-catching fabric flags and banners are staples adorning trade show booths. If you have ever had a booth at a trade show, you understand how much work goes into setting up and running a booth. Hauling in all of the display backdrops, banners, promotional materials, etc. can be a lot. Oftentimes, venues will only give you a specific amount of time to unload and set up so that every booth has time to set up before the trade show.

Retractable banners make setup easy. Banners are quickly setup or packed up in moments and the banner remains protected inside of the case. These banners are easily customizable and can be very large or fairly small – it all depends on your needs.

  • Retractable or roll-up banners
  • Telescopic banner stands
  • Spring-back x-banners
  • Pop-up & Collapsible displays: Lightweight, portable and visually arresting, pop-up and collapsible displays are printed graphic fabric collateral meant to add literal “pop” to your exhibit. The collapsible displays provide for quick and easy setup as well as less expensive transport costs to the event. These displays come in various sizes, quick-assembly varieties with accordion-style support frames or tube in tube style frames with a printed stretch fabric that fits snugly to the frame.  Additional fabric graphics can be produced to change out on the frame to meet your specific messaging for specific events.
  • Pillar and Tower displays:  These displays are 8′-10′ tall tower type displays that grab the attention because of their size.  They are a quick assembly tube frame display with a printed stretch fabric graphic.
  • Event Tents: Customized event tents let you bring your booth outdoors. Paramount Signs offers pop-up tent modules with customized tension fabric canvas or canopy tops, walls, half-walls and backdrops using only the best of today’s UV-resistant inks.

Are you considering promoting you business? From in-house creative design to production and installation, Paramount Signs is your consultant to help you project your brand and company in the most effective way possible while respecting your time and budget.

Call us today for a free consultation.

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