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The first impression is the key to drawing potential customers to your store. A professional-looking storefront will give your business an advantage over your competitor. Every storefront competes with others to grab the attention of potential customers. Your storefront provides an opportunity to promote your brand and showcase who you are.

It is paramount to create a design that reflects your business accurately and professionally. Your storefront should inform customers what kind of business you are running and make them want to do business with you. When the content, colors, size, shapes, tone and overall vibe of your signage matches your audience, your brand becomes stronger

Let’s see some of the options for storefront signage.

Awning Signage

Awnings are a fabric attached to the outside of the building.  They are a productive choice because they provide sophistication and shade to your building while advertising your store name or logo. Awnings can be customized to fit the surrounding architecture in various sizes, shapes and color. We can apply lettering and artwork or a logo that fits your brand. Awnings can also be produced from several different materials to help achieve the look and texture your company is going for. The options are endless with awning signs and they always provide a traditionally classic look.


Window Signs

Window signs are extremely versatile and can provide your storefront with endless design options. Lettering, logos, creative window designs, the sky is the limit! Fabricated from various types of vinyl, window signs create a unique and distinctive look. Window signs will compliment your other storefront signs to inform customers more about your products or services. They have the ability to make your windows pop with messaging about you and your business. Some window signs are designed to allow natural light to pass through the sign, which allows your storefront to take advantage of your window’s lighting. Explore window signage options to add a unique flair to your storefront.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs, or what are sometimes called menu boards, are portable signs that you can set outside your store. They are an inexpensive option to place outside your store to promote your brand, specials or unique messaging for customers passing by. They are a great way to drive in business while also allowing flexibility to change the messaging with dry-erase panels or changeable seasonal specials or activities you may want to promote.

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are a great option to compliment  your business signage, due to their placement. Having an elevated position in front of your business allows you to stand out and be noticed amongst other businesses. Hanging signs are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes all offering a durable, long-lasting and customizable design. Additionally, with the wide variety of bracket designs you can create a wide range of impressions from contemporary to the classic colonial scroll.

Banner Signs

Banner signs are classic special event sign.  Whether it is for a scheduled event or special promotions, banners are one of the most economical signs for promoting your business or event.  They are typically a temporary sign for anything from a onetime event  or reused for seasonal promotions.


Is your storefront eye-catching? Does it represent your brand identity? Is it time for an update? If the answer to any of the above was yes, let us help! At Paramount Signs our goal is to get you noticed. Contact us today to see how we can transform your storefront, and check us out on social media to see some of the jobs we have completed!

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