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Client Spotlight: Chester County Food Bank

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Vehicle Graphics for The Chester County Food Bank “Fresh2You” Van

To the casual observer, it’s a beautifully “wrapped” van. To the Chester County Food Bank, it’s Blanche, one of two Fresh2You mobile food markets that roam throughout Chester County, providing fresh produce, nutrition information and cooking instruction in underserved areas.  “Fresh2You aims to serve the entire community — we accept SNAP, have our Fruit & Vegetable RX (FVRx) program, and are really trying to meet people where they are, both physically and financially,” said Roberta Cosentino, the Fresh2You Mobile Market Manager. “We’re trying to do what we can to get food in people’s hands in a dignified and equitable exchange.”

Blanche and her sister mobile market, Dorothy, enable the Food Bank to fulfill its renewed mission “Beyond Hunger.” “Part of our Beyond Hunger philosophy is that our Fresh2You Mobile Market is open to everyone. We are so excited to see you this season at whatever location is most convenient to your home or work!,” said Anne Shuniak, Food Bank Marketing & Communications Manager.

Wrapping Blanche required considerable planning to dissect the design in order to transform it from a 2-dimensional rendition to a 3-dimensional reality using custom vehicle graphics. This particular truck had a very complex fairing over the cab that transitioned back to the box requiring significant time measuring and fitting the design of the wrap panels to contour with the shape of the truck.  Paramount Signs team worked with the Food Bank’s marketing company to ensure critical components of their message were not going to be interrupted by features, handles and trim pieces on the truck. We have a responsibility to the client to make sure their message is represented properly on the wrap. We had provided several art proofs to the customer for review and final approval prior to starting production of the wrap.

Paramount Signs chooses materials from 3M, as 3M leads the industry in testing and certification. “In order to offer the 3M warranty, we became a 3M MCS-certified facility,” Rick explained.  The certification requires demonstrated product knowledge and quality process control within your facility.” In regards to materials, 3M has led the marketplace with features like air egress technology and adhesive technology that allows easy re-positioning of the vinyl before locking into place resulting in a faster  installation which ultimately reduces labor costs.”

One thing that makes vehicle graphics such a special form of advertising is that the mobile nature of wraps allows for more impressions than traditional advertising. It is estimated by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America that a single-vehicle graphic on average generates 101 impressions per mile which yields 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions.

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In the months following the wraps for the Chester County Food Bank, Anne Shuniak, from the Food Bank, shared that she had been receiving comments about how large the fleet of vehicles was. While the size of the fleet was unchanged at that time, the vehicle wraps made a lasting impression on the consumer making the fleet appear larger. This is exactly the result we like to hear.  Particularly in this case where they are trying to reach as many people in need as possible.

Just as we were able to help the Chester County Food Bank promote its mission through vehicle wraps, we can help you! Whether it’s one vehicle or a fleet, Paramount Signs is here to help! After all, getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT. Contact us today for a free quote and check out what we can do on our social media pages!

If you would be interested in helping the Chester County Food Bank with either donations or volunteer work please visit their site at Chester County Food Bank.

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