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When you think of a company,  what’s the first thing you think of?   Is it their jingle you hear on television?   Is it their logo you see all over their social media and on their storefronts?   Is it their customer service or their values?   For every person and every company, the responses will differ and yet they are all the same.   It is said that “people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that judgment at large determines how the individual will perceive the company.

A company’s brand identity is the backbone with which they are seen throughout the community.   The most well-known and respected brands on the planet have a consistent personality that is seen through all their advertising efforts.

The “Face” of your Business

For the sake of comparison,  a company’s logo is its face.  Your company’s logo is the first thing a customer will see,  and just like a face, it showcases emotions and attitudes.  Logos come in all shapes, sizes, fonts and color constructions and these components come together to tell the public information about your company.

Credibility and Trust

Just as your logo has the power to tell the consumer who you are (as a business) and how you feel,  it also works in tandem to create credibility and trust.  The key is maintaining a brand image consistently over time.

Advertising Impressions

Creating an identity for your business gives you a template of what information to use in advertising your business–whether that ad is print, digital or video.   A brand with an established image and credibility is prepared to make lasting impressions and convert audiences into consumers.   Again, consistency is key. Not only do users expect consistent branding across all channels, but consistency is said to increase revenue by 23%.

Your Company’s Mission

As you grow your business it is important to put into words what it is you stand for.   These statements not only help keep your business on track, but they help customers know that you are the right brand for them.   A successful brand embodies human qualities that make it recognizable and memorable which in turn helps consumers connect to your brand.   Consistency is key.

Generating New Customers and Delighting Existing Ones

A company that has a face, has established trust and has a defined mission becomes a brand and with that brand identity comes a roadmap to success.   While these qualities will attract new customers they will also work to give existing customers a sense of belonging.

Where do I start?

Whether your business is well established or just in its beginning stages, it is important to make sure these components are in place. The creative process of developing the full branding message can only be done internally with a lot of research and internalization to create the philosophy and blueprint that best describes your business.

When it is time to develop the visual face of that philosophy,  that is where Paramount Signs can help.  We work with you to understand your company philosophy (Brand) so we can create the visual elements that best communicate that brand.

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