battavio car ds

How much time do you think you spend driving a week?  Just think about how many vehicles are out on the road as you drive to your destination.  That is why vehicle graphics is such an effective form of advertising that is growing at a rapid rate.  Vehicle graphics is the lowest Cost per Impression (CPI) means of advertising today.  The method and means to gain your attention and transmit a meaningful message are becoming a science as well as an art.

The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement has published studies that show a vehicle can generate between 30K – 70K impressions daily.  There is additional research that confirms 91% of people surveyed agreed that they do notice vehicle graphics.

These are some pretty stout statistics that support the growth in the vehicle graphic marketplace.

The process for creating an effective design starts with knowing you customer.

battavio car ds

At Paramount Signs we pride ourselves on working with our customers to develop a graphic that can grab your attention but most importantly transfer a message that the reader will remember.   We worked with our friends at Battavio Heating Cooling and Plumbing to create an eye-catching graphic for one of their fleet cars.  It is important for us to spend the time with our clients to make sure we get the right message to their potential clients.


The creative process for developing an effective design can be fun and a bonding experience with your customer.

battavio car ps

As you can see in the photo, the time invested upfront with the collaboration between Paramount Signs design team and the Battavio team resulted in an eye-catching graphic that gets your attention and sends a clear message of who Battavio is and how to contact them.  Battavio Heating Cooling and Plumbing is a prominent heating cooling and plumbing company that has been a staple service company in West Chester PA for the last 40 years.  They hold a pretty high standard for everything they do and the design team at Paramount Signs was up for the challenge.  The development process is fun for the team as well as the client.


Creating an effective design with the right materials to fit the customer’s budget is key to success.

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At Paramount Signs, we strive to develop a quality design and execute the design using quality materials and experienced installers.  We use high-performance materials for durability.  Our HP latex printing technology produces vibrant and durable colors.  Our installation includes a 3 step clean, degrease and finish residue-free cleaning for superior vinyl adhesion.  That is how we earned the 3M MCS certification and provide a result that has stunning graphics that will last for years to come.

Vehicle graphics are many times not thought of as a sign.  They are not only a sign but a traveling billboard that helps build awareness for a brand, product or service.  These signs can come in many configurations to match your advertising program and budget.  Eye-catching graphics can be placed on the sides of vehicles, removable door magnets, graphics applied to side or back windows using special materials that won’t obstruct the driver’s view, or we can completely cover the vehicle with a full wrap.

If you would like to maximize the investment you have in your fleet,  contact the experts at Paramount Signs.

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