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West Chester, PA – Frosted glass for privacy, company logo, decorative glass or room identification.

Want glass that is translucent but not transparent?

Frosted or dusted crystal vinyl graphics are the perfect solution for your window privacy needs. Not only does it create an upscale diffused look for your office glass, or any type of window sign for that matter, it is much less expensive than traditional etched glass. The dusted and frosted crystal custom vinyl films are translucent with a low gloss and therefore eliminate glare. These films have uniform color in both reflecting and transmitting light and are ideal for vinyl lettering.

Different Styles can be applied to fit your needs.

frost partial

Full coverage is the application of the frost vinyl over the entire glass surface.  For complete privacy, this is a great option. It creates a translucent privacy screen allowing light to pass through to retain an open feel but is not transparent providing the privacy the space may need.

Partial Window  Coverage

frost partial2

Partial coverage can still create excellent privacy while allowing more light and openness feel to the space.  This technique maintains a connection to the adjoining space and has a more welcoming feel from the outside but provides a screen from distraction from the inside.

These two techniques provide a space that is ideal for customers and clients that want to provide a feel of confidentiality and privacy.  This is important for industries or organizational functions that deal with confidential information or environments where privacy is critical to the function within the space.

frost identify

Reverse Cut Design

A Reverse Cut design is a technique where the identifiable objects or letters are “cut out” of the material.  The remaining material is what is applied to the window.    Depending on the design you can define the pattern, amount of light and coverage to create a very unique and interesting image.  Frosted window film has amazing flexibility to support almost any design creating the desired balance between privacy and a sense of space.

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Standard Cut Design

Like Reverse Cut designs, there are endless possibilities to add branding and messaging to your workplace with Standard Cut designs.  A Standard Cut design describes a design that typically is used for lettering, logo and text shapes cut from a sheet or roll of frosted window film.  These shapes or text objects are then applied to the glass window surface.

Digital Print

We can also create a digitally printed frost panel that allows us to create a custom look with your color logo or branding creating a unique look that can be combined with any of the above methods of design.

Frosted vinyl window decals can be used both indoors and outdoors with endless applications in areas such as Office buildings, Retail spaces, Hotels, Schools and Universities.

For more information about Frosted vinyl applications, please contact us at [email protected]

Written by: Paramount Signs – Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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