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Signs do have a useful life span.  Over time the design style,  weather and sometimes human abuse render a sign outdated, damaged and no longer presenting your image as the sign was originally intended.  Fading colors, outdated electrics and physical damage are normal wear and tear a sign see that eventually will create a negative image in the viewers’ eyes.

This is a great incentive to consider a new sign with current design features, LED lighting and vibrant, bright colors to gain the attention your business deserves.

J & L Building Materials had contacted us to create a fresh sign design with their updated logo. Their existing sign had been damaged and weathered to the point the vinyl was cracked and peeling, as well as hit several times and was leaning to one side

We consulted with the J&L group to understand what type of design and features they desired.

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Our team went right to work on the design side as well as consulting with the township to make sure are working within the regulations to eliminate any surprises. We had also planned on a new location for the sign to reduce the potential of delivery vehicles hitting and damaging the sign.

We designed a sign with heavy-gauge aluminum for durability, LED illumination for a bright light and reliability ass well as high-performance cast translucent vinyl for long-lasting vibrant colors.

We provided full service in that we will consult, design, fabricate, permitting services, installation services and more.

The result was stunning.  The size, shape and colors draw the eye immediately.  At night the sign is visible for quite a distance.  We were thrilled to complete their sign needs, and bring them better marketing success.

jl sign

Outdoor signs are great for many uses, such as:

  • Wayfinding from small signs to large center pylon signs
  • Community Identification
  • Nighttime MarketingConsumer Appeal
  • And More!

Some of the outdoor signs that are offered are building signs, pole signs, and monument signs. There are also signs great for sharing hours of operation, address, and parking navigation. There is no goal that cannot be achieved with a custom sign!

 Want to Learn More?

As a full-service custom sign company, we have made it our mission to provide a superior standard of both product and service. We utilize only the highest quality of materials, designs, and equipment. Are you interested in learning more about this and other projects? Do you want to hear the benefits that will be awarded to your business specifically? Contact our professionals, and let us get you started today!

Written by: Paramount Signs – Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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