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In Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Gritz Pools has been serving the area since 1963.  They have a tremendous reputation for high-quality pool design and installation as well as a full line of products and services.  It is an honor to have them select Paramount Signs to do their vehicle graphics as they expand their fleet.  They recently commissioned another service trailer for their fleet and asked us to finish it off with the signature look of their fleet.

In the photo to the right, you can see the high-resolution graphics that were printed for the client. The installation that went on flawlessly will deliver results for years to come!

 We used our HP 360 Latex printer to lay down vivid colors and high-resolution graphics.  The HP Latex printers provide a larger color gamut and higher color vibrancy than other printers.  We used 3Mij180 vinyl for the graphics as they are the industry leader in high-performance vinyl for durability overplayed with 3M 8518 gloss laminate.

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There is research that shows vehicle graphics can draw as much as 11 million views per year on an average travel schedule for a commercial vehicle.  This places vehicle graphics in a category of an advertising medium that generates the lowest cost per impression in all of advertising. When you are looking to expand the effectiveness of your fleet vehicles by maximizing your exposure, vehicle graphics are a marketing tool that can propel your message to the public quickly and effectively. They can be used to deliver information while your fleet is on the job, or to reinforce branding while out on the town. The options are endless! 

We have experienced designers that can correlate the images of your business to a graphic for your particular vehicle. We will discover the best way to relay your message to the community while reinforcing the logo and brand of your company. With so many options in size, shape, and placement, we will offer a free consultation to find your best fit 

We are driven to supply high-quality products that our clients deserve, we utilize the best materials and equipment during fabrication. We design with production and installation in mind to provide a great design that minimizes challenges at installation which ultimately results in a much better appearing graphic that minimizes potential failure modes.  By receiving premium packages, you are ensuring the lasting productivity of your investments!

Are you interested in exploring graphics for your fleet?  Contact us today!

Written by: Paramount Signs

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