california tortilla entrance signs

When you have a business that draws in consumers, it is important to be easily located. There is no point in the advertising billboard, aired commercials, or mail flyers if the potential buyers can’t find you! This is why an outdoor building sign is so important to your business. Give the community a visual statement that declares exactly what and where your business is. Our team recommends the durable and customizable channel letter sign.california tortilla rear entrance lit

A channel letter sign is commonly found in areas of high traffic. They appeal to those in vehicle on nearby roadways, and also appeal to pedestrians making their way past your storefront. They are used to deliver your location and information to consumers in the area.  Traditionally, these signs are found in plazas and malls, but we have found them more and more in standalone businesses. They are large in stature to draw the eye of passing by consumers. When you are looking for a sign that will share your business with the community, local traffic, and more, then look no further than a custom building sign featuring channel letters!

Customizing Options for Success

Channel letters are modules that are shaped to different fonts and lettering. They usually are made from aluminum to prevent rust, and have light emitting diodes detailing. This added illumination will gain a large expanse of visibility in the area. Lights also give the appearance of modern flair, and positive visual appeal. A sign that is not illuminated will lose that added exposure in the later hours. Don’t be that business!

Have you considered the disadvantages of having a business that is hard to locate?

california tortilla entrance signs

Many companies tend to lose focus on this detail until it is too late. When a delivery person cannot find your establishment it can cause quite a headache. Same can be said for customers. Online advertising, mail flyers, and other forms of advertisement are useless if the prospective client cannot find your facility. A channel letter sign goes above and beyond to share your location with the public. It is vibrant, large, and effective as a marketing tool. Just ask our team how these signs can benefit your specific business today!

Recent Installation and Permitting Services

 Our experts love to work on new projects, and recently completed one in the Exton area. A national eatery wanted an installation of a channel letter sign for their new location. We not only were able to provide those much-needed services, but we also supplied our permitting skills. We found the necessary permits needed, and made them happen for our client. When the sign arrived damaged, our team was happy to repair the product. At Paramount Signs, we are all about providing a complete sign experience. This is more than just the products themselves, and more about the project requirements from beginning to end.

Are you interested in learning more about channel letter signs, and the advantages offered with them? Would you like to hear about other signs that can also benefit your business? Contact our team today, and let us get you started on a free consultation. One custom sign can be the next step to achieving your advertising aspirations!


Written by: Paramount Signs – Exton, Pennsylvania

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