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In this article, we’re discussing a sign that we made for a clinical research organization called InClinica.  They help to get new drugs through the critical trials process, and part of their everyday job is having important meetings with various new drug developers.

Most of their meetings take place in the conference room seen in the pictures in this article.  It’s a very important part of their business process and is a room where a lot of important decisions are made.  So since they have so many client meetings in this room, they wanted to add some signage to make it look more professional and well-branded.


It’s important for many businesses to have a well-branded location, and to continue their branding throughout their space. Having just one sign on the outside of a building isn’t enough to create an overall professionally branded business. A well-rounded business carries their logo and marketing message from the outside of their building to the inside and throughout their offices.

For example, a great sign package for a business that meets with clients regularly in conference rooms, similar to InClinica, might include an outdoor building sign, a lobby sign that greets people when they enter the doors, wall graphics throughout the space, from the entrance to the conference rooms, and then custom signage within the conference rooms themselves.  In this scenario, a client that visits a business with a sign package of this type will see the branding from the outside of the building, the moment they walk in the front doors, and as soon as they sit down for the meeting in  the conference room.

If you have any questions about custom signs, we would be more than happy to help.

Written by: Paramount Signs

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