custom banners for trade show events

Product: trade show displays

Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Client: Paramount Signs

Trade show events are a great opportunity to take hold of your exposure, and catapult it to another level. With a custom trade show sign option, your business can capture the attention of hundreds to thousands of prospective customers all in one location! By utilizing powerful visual statements, and precise information, Paramount Signs can produce a trade show banner that will exceed expectations!

The first thing you need to consider when planning your trade show sign package, is the placement or location of your signage at the trade show. Are you going to be placing this sign in a windy location? Consider a perf option for a banner. Also think about the factors that will effect legible visibility, this includes glare from lights or sunlight, distance from viewers, obstructing items in front of a sign, and line of sight in general. Always design your font size to correlate to the distance your viewers will be standing. If you have a sign solution hung above the viewer’s head, then make sure the font is large enough to remain legible.

custom banners for trade show events

Are you going to be using your signage for only one trade show event, or is this a sign that will be used for multiple trade show events? If you are utilizing your sign more than once, we will ensure your medium is a durable one, and provide detailed instructions for you to retain the most value out of your sign investment. If you are not going to be using your product more than once, then look into our recycling options at Paramount Signs. We utilize many programs that can make use of your unused banners that are made from recyclable HDPE media material, such as HP Large-format Media Recycling Program.

Paramount Signs has a mission to ensure every client is supplied with a sign or graphic package that effectively meets their marketing goals. We will design eye-catching, attention-grabbing, powerful visual statements that are productive at drawing in prospective customers to your trade show booth. We utilize the finest materials in the fabrication of our products, and they are constructed with the latest in fabrication equipment. Allow us the opportunity to share the many benefits available to your company with a custom trade show banner from Paramount Signs in Paramount Signs!

Do you have any questions about trade show banners, or the important details to consider in the design of your trade show display? Would you like to schedule a personal consultation with our experts today? Contact us at, and our professionals will put you down the path to a custom sign or graphic package!

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