Pole Signs

Are you in the market for a pole sign?

When considering exterior advertisements for your business, you may want to consider pole signs. Pole signs are very similar to post signs but offer an extended viewing range with their larger size. The pole signs are made of metal and raised into the air for enhanced visibility.

Getting your company the exposure it deserves is all about the impressions you make with your advertisement. Do not bother with the plastic and cardboard signs that end up littering our roadways. The sign industry today is booming, and you can now invest in personalized signage that fits your business brand perfectly! Customizing your pole sign offers many options. You can choose cohesive color combinations, detailed borders, stylized fonts, and even include your business logo or slogan. Paramount Signs pairs high-resolution images, expert design staff, and premium components to create personalized pole signs that exceed expectations! Contact us at (484) 364-4834 if you have any questions about pole signs, or if you would like to plan a sign package for your business. We are located in Downingtown, PA. Allow us the opportunity to assist you at the start of your sign journey today!

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