Signage Technical Information

State of the Art Digital Printing Technology


At Paramount Signs we utilize the latest HP wide format printing technology.

The HP latex based inks deliver the highest quality digital graphics across a wide range of materials. Using HP technology we have the ability to put a high quality image of your brand or message virtually anywhere.

Vibrant, Accurate COLOR


Reproducing the best possible color for you is far too important to be left to trial and error or relegated to a single individual’s gut.  At Paramount Signs  we’ve invested in equipment and training in the most advanced color management and calibration technology available to create rich true color. We are committed to providing you with the broadest range of vibrant colors that can be obtained with current technology that you won’t find with the vast majority of our competitors.

The Right Materials For The Job

We are committed to producing the highest quality product you can achieve within your budget.  Therefore we use the best brand name materials and work with the top rated suppliers to ensure only the highest quality products leave our facility.

With our experience and technical expertise and the expertise of our suppliers and network of owners we are able to recommend and use the best materials that meet your specifications and respect your budget.

We never want you to pay a premium for materials that exceed the requirements of the job or pay to replace a sign that shows signs of failure before its expected time.  By partnering with you and understanding what you are working to accomplish, we will deliver the quality that will make you successful.


We can provide our customers with eco friendly options such as 3M PVC-Free Wrap films, 100% post-consumer recycled banner materials, compostable media and substrates, and green recyclable alternatives to Foamcore.