This past year has made everyone more aware of their health and physical condition. As the country opens up and restrictions are removed, more people will be returning to their gyms, exercise programs and healthy eating. Many of us fell victim to the Pandemic 20. Gaining weight over the past year during lockdown was fairly common amongst the general population.

How does this effect businesses?

Now that the world has shifted into a more open environment, health organizations, fitness centers and the medical profession are starting to promote health programs. Many of these programs start with health fairs. Fairs allow for businesses to advertise their products and services all while contributing to an event!

Local gyms and exercise clubs use these types of events to recruit new members and motivate visitors to get fit. With every event, fair and interaction the goal remains: Make a lasting impression!

How can I make an impression at these fairs?

Everything from custom event signage, branded apparel for employees to promotional products to give to participants aids in your brand recognition.

One good option is handing out branded sports bottles to attendees to allow them to stay hydrated between sets. Another popular solution is to hand out heart monitors and pedometers, so guests can check their fitness levels before signing up for a free trial at their club. These are all great items that your potential customer will use on a regular basis with your brand prominently displayed.

What other ways can a business in this space gain traction?

Returning to a healthy diet is going to be a challenge and education and support many times is necessary to get back on track. Dietitians and Nutritionists are working hard to get the message out and branded products such as health journals and water bottles do well to help remind health fair attendees of healthy habits as well as track progress. Additionally, branded lunch bags are excellent giveaways, as they’ll allow clients to start supplying their own meals the very next day.

With the stress-induced from the effects of the pandemic, many people are suffering from the constant pressure to protect themselves and their loved ones. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it’s important to get the message out that there’s help available if they need it. Psychologists and psychiatrists can hand out branded stress relievers imprinted with their information so it’s always available when someone needs them. These are great reminders to potential patients that help is only a call away.

When it comes to keeping your community healthy and business high, your next event is right around the corner!

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Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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