Over the course of the past year, businesses have had to adapt their operations to survive. The transformation of some businesses to remote and others to limited capacity has left unique gaps in the market. In its own way, every industry has been affected. That being said, regardless of your current business model we can be of help!

As a full-service sign company, we offer services from sign and logo design, production and installation to vehicle wraps. We operate as a one-stop shop for all signage needs! This works well, especially for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations.

Just as you and your business have had to adapt and adjust this past year, so have we. We now also offer a whole catalog of promotional products. These products range in price, manufacturer, brand name, customization levels, and style. Regardless of how your business is operating, what industry you are in, the number of employees, or your services, we have promotional products that will suit you and your needs!

Traditional promotional products work for both your customers and your employees at spreading awareness to your brand. We want to break down and give you access to the top 5 traditional promotional products for businesses operating in-person/ under normal circumstances!

With many of the products, you can upload your logo, position it and see a virtual sample of the final appearance!
Top 5 Promotional Products for Businesses Operating in Person
  1. Branded Apparel

Providing branded apparel for employees is a great way to create a professional appearance. Whether you are out in the field or an office worker, branded apparel creates unity within the office. The apparel options are truly endless. We offer everything from sweatshirts to button-ups for both men and women. Check the apparel link for more options!

The colors and styles vary greatly with pens. Here is an example of a pen variety with ample space for branding!
2. Pens

Having a selection of pens with your company logo works well when you deal with customers. Let them take a pen with them for continued impressions. We offer different styles of pens as well as other writing utensils with various inks. Everyone loves a high-quality pen!

Customized key chains and lanyards keep things organized!
3. Key Chains/ Lanyards

Both Key Chains and Lanyards are a great option for businesses with company vehicles. What better way to keep all business-related keys together than on a customized key chain or lanyard. Customizations can range from company logos, employees’ names or even vehicle numbers to help with organization.

Once you upload your logo many products with logo imprint options will automatically showcase your logo on that product!

4. Branded Hats

With summer quickly approaching hats are a great way to protect those who work outside during peak sun hours. With hundreds of options on brand, style and type, check out the wide selections of customizable hats we offer! Whether you choose to give them out to employees who work outside or offer them as promotional products to customers, hats are a summer necessity!

Both reusable and disposable masks have customization options!
5. Masks

With the continuation of mask mandates into the summer months in public places, what better way to continually promote your brand than on people’s faces! Keep it simple or create a complex design, the options are vast!

Promotional products serve as a way to connect the public to your business. We offer a plethora of promotional products ranging in price, quantities available, customization styles and products in general. While apparel, pens, key chains, hats and masks are most popular this season for businesses operating fully in person, the options beyond are endless. Check out our promotional products page today to explore other options available to you and your business!

Contact us today for a free quote on signs, and vehicle wraps and to order custom promotional products!

As always getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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