Although we are moving more toward a world of digital advertising, brick-and-mortar businesses must still rely on physical signage to help bring in customers. Whether it’s a monument sign, a building sign or a vehicle wrap, physical signage helps drive customers to your business. According to a study by FedEx nearly 76% of consumers said they entered a store or business they had never visited based simply on its signs. Mobile signage such as vehicle graphics has been shown to be one of the least expensive forms of advertising available providing the lowest cost per impression as reported by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

 Signage is one of the most important marketing strategies for local businesses, as it can be used for both branding and advertising. As with online media, there are a few basic traits of signage that you should be aware of.

Signage Increases Brand Exposure

Standing out from the crowd is essential in this competitive market. Your signage encompasses your brand and exposes it to a larger audience. It increases the chances of new customer acquisition as well as repeated business. When people come across your signage often it creates an impact that ultimately increases your market value as well as their trust on you.  

Signage Sets You Apart From Competitors

Having a unique place in the competitive market is important. Good signage builds your brand in a distinct manner that helps in easily grabbing the eyes of potential customers. It is important to have a design that is effective, appealing and at the same time striking enough to compel people to contact you.

It’s A Cost-Effective Investment

Out of so many advertising strategies, signage is one of the most cost-effective components and works to endorse your brand 24/7.  Signage typically requires a one-time investment and once installed will work for you all year long without any additional costs.  Illuminated signs may increase your electric bill but with LED technology today that cost is minimal.

Surveys performed by FedEx found the following:

  • About 67% of consumers surveyed said they purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye
  • Nearly 60% of consumers said that the absence of a sign deters them from entering a business
  • Over 50% of respondents stated that poor signage deters them from entering a business

From in-house creative design to permitting, production and installation.  Paramount Signs is your consultant to help you protect your brand and company in the most effective way possible while respecting your time and budget.

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