Interior graphics hold the power to affect people in a way many other signs and décor lack. Through the power of impression, these products can turn blank space into aids for productivity, health, engagement, and memory. In addition to your walls, graphics can adhere to floors, cabinets, counters, windows, and more. The results are tangible with an actual return on investment advantage that businesses receive from a custom graphics package!

The workplace is a place that can see an exponential increase in efficiency and productivity through the utilization of graphic wall coverings. These products, especially with natural scenes, have been proven to increase the health, attendance, engagement, and lower turnover of employees, by utilizing fractals to provide biophysical elements. Fractals are the random shapes occurring in nature that naturally appeal to our minds. By investing in the installation of graphic wall coverings in a key area of your workplace, you are encouraging a more profitable and effective work environment!

Especially important is a benefit that can be found through the use of a high-impact graphic wall covering to provide health advantages. Hospitals and care facilities often use natural scenes to increase the speed of recovery and shorten hospital stays. It has been proven that these natural scene graphic coverings can aid in recuperation and length of overall illness. There is even an increase in the test scores of students in an educational settings featuring these products!

Focus above on the photo of a custom natural seen graphic wall covering. This calming scene promotes positive work ethic and motivation in the office. By investing in this visual statement, the entire work experience in this office will change for the better!

Huge strides have been made in the application of these wall coverings. No longer do we use the traditional vinyl with no adhesive.  Those days are over! We now utilize many mediums printed with low VOC latex inks, and adhered with wallpaper paste for a firm mounting and greater longevity. The new inks that we use offer quicker drying times and require no off-gassing of harmful chemicals. It is a safer, and more environmentally friendly option!

Our team is determined to find creative and affordable solutions to decorative and motivational needs of our clients. Utilize these products for aesthetics, or take the opportunity to reinforce your brand with high resolution images. We have a design team on hand to get you started on your next custom graphic wall covering, just give us a call!

Do you have any questions about the custom graphic wall covering advantages that are associated with commercial, residential, and office use? Would you like to see other signs and services that are available to your business? Contact our team today, and we will schedule a free consultation. Take an opportunity to invest in your business’s success with one of our creative sign or graphic packages! We look forward to working with you!

Written by: Paramount Signs – Downingtown, Pennsylvania

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