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Product: Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Client: Paramount Signs


The sign industry is made up of many forms of advertisement. There are interior and exterior choices that gain aid your company with aesthetic, and organization. The best type of advertising tool for gaining a greater visibility in your community, however, is the utilization of mobile marketing. Allow Paramount Signs the opportunity to assist your business with gaining the valuable impressions it deserves!

There are both long term and short term forms of mobile marketing. They can be full-body wraps, choice graphics on the sides or back, and even magnetic signs that can be removed when the work day has ended. All of these choices are productive in producing maximum results for your company. Whereas, stationary signage affects only those in the general vicinity of the product, vehicle wraps and graphics will reach a new targeted audience with every trip! Effectively making thousands of lasting impressions with every drive. Billboards, and other signs can surmount to a large reoccurring payment. Vehicle graphics are a smarter investment with a one time payment that continues to produce successful results. Whether you make house calls, deliveries, or just want to advertise your business on your daily commute, mobile marketing can gain you the added visibility that your company is looking for!

In the image above you will see an example of a full-body vehicle wrap. There is vibrant color to attract attention, and precise lettering to send a direct message. This graphic will gain impressions for the business with it’s pleasing aesthetic and legibility. Below is an image of a fleet wrap. This broadcasts the company’s information, as well as the services rendered to the public. These specifics cement the business into the public minds, so that when their services are needed they are the ones called!

If you are looking for premium products, and prime service, then look no further than Paramount Signs. Our company strives to provide the best signage available in the Downingtown area. We use only the finest components, the latest printing equipment, and creative designs to deliver our clients with quality signage at an inexpensive price. Choose froimages (6)m a variety of tailoring options that include bold color combinations, stylized fonts, and crisp images. You can even incorporate your logo to elevate your brand within your community. Whatever options you choose, our expert design team will be on hand to help design, fabricate, and install your sign investment. Allow us the opportunity to share all the benefits available to a growing company with a tailor made vehicle graphics package today!

Do you have any questions about vehicle wraps and graphics? Would you like to learn more about the signs and services that we have available? Reach out to us at, and we will get you started on your mobile marketing journey!