Monument Signs

Most business parks that feature multiple tenants have a monument sign next to the main road where the property is located. These signs, which consist of a structure made of stone, brick or other material,  serve as the monument, display the names of the businesses within the complex so passersby know who is located in the complex.
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In the market for a monument sign? A monument sign is an exceptional form of exterior signage that will be an investment worth having. By increasing the public’s knowledge of the tenants at your location, you are insuring easier navigation and less confusion. Monument signs can also be used to gain exposure for the entire location. No matter the location or setting, Paramount Signs can design, fabricate, and install a monument sign perfect for your business!
Advertise the companies in your business park with a large piece of exterior signage called a monument sign. A monument sign can be made from a variety of mediums including stone, brick, metal, and marble. Customize your monument sign with many different stylized fonts, custom color combinations, and detailed borders. Our expert design team will fabricate a monument sign that delivers precise information with a fresh look. Do you have any questions about monument signs? Would you like to hear about the other products and services that we offer? Feel free to reach out us at, and we can get a custom sign package started for you today!


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Custom Vehicle graphics in West Chester, PA.

  While stationary signs can bring your business a large amount of success, that is nothing compared to the success generated with custom vehicle graphics and wraps. These products offer thousands of impressions with just the normal use of your company or personal vehicle. Trips around the community will reinforce your brand and gain attention for prospective customers. The American Trucking Association (ATA) reported 91% of people surveyed admit to noticing vehicle graphics.When you offer on location services you are offered a chance to gain exposure with neighbors, friends, and family of your current customers. That makes this exceptionally beneficial for service businesses. We were recently contacted to work on custom mobile marketing tool for Fedor Fabrication. The results were amazing!       Product Package The collaboration between Paramount Signs design team and the Fedor fabrication team resulted in a stunning graphic that gets your attention, and sends a clear message of the quality that Fedor Fabrication is known for.  Fedor Fabrication holds a pretty high standard for everything they do, and our design team was held to that same standard.  The development process is fun for the team as well as the client. Check out the images to see the effective result that was delivered. Customization Vehicle wrap and graphics can be made as whole pieces that fit your entire vehicle, or smaller sections that fit specific parts of your vehicle. Choose from an array of customizing choices to install a wrap that perfectly fits the style, aesthetic, and brand of your business. We utilize cutting edge printing technology that allows your graphics to be legible, bold, and... read more

Monument Signs

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